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Jaggery Better Than Sugar – Let’s Learn Why!

by Fashionlady
Jaggery Better Than Sugar

Jaggery Better Than Sugar  Let’s Learn Why!
Mommy always warned us about sugar – the white cubes were never good for us she said. The doctor, the nutritionist and our dieticians too warned us about the harmful effects of sugar. Innocent as they look, the tiny white cubes have plenty of ‘empty calories’ in them, and although it has ‘phytonutrients’, the crystals lose all of it while being cooked – minerals and vitamins included.

Maintain a healthy life

Anything in excess is bad for the body; the same would go for sugars too. We have to maintain a healthy outlook, and our cup of morning tea needs to be sweet; which would manage our energy levels all day long. But when disaster strikes (illness and ailments), they do so without a warning.

Maintain a healthy life


If not sugar, then what!

We need to have a ‘healthy alternative’ to sugar; jaggery for example is a good substitute. The good old brown delight from the laps of nature’s sweetness has been used across the globe – various cultures and through centuries as a sweetener. Sugars have chemicals in them which are added while the processing happens; the same isn’t the case with jiggery, need we say more!

If not sugar, then what!


As a sweetener

Jaggery as a sweeter is the best substitute for sugar; adds a punch to the taste buds and brings in the much sweetness needed. Palmyra jaggery or Date Palm jaggery are best tastemakers to use.



As an energy food

Jaggery is known to be a complex carbohydrate, very beneficial for the body and much more than what sugar crystals can offer. When digested, jaggery gets absorbed very naturally and gradually, and the energy released is slower; the body thus gets warm for long periods and the internal organs stay in good shape too.

As a natural self-cleaning agent

Jaggery in ancient days and even now is known to be a cleansing agent for the lungs, the respiratory tracts, the stomach and the intestines, and even the food pipe. Jaggery doesn’t allow particles and dust to live in the body, and also helps with bowel movements, thanks to the presence of fibre in it.

Good for the lungs and the stomach

Jaggery in Ayurveda is used to help with respiration issues and also for the stomach, since the fibre content in it allows for better digestion.


Source of Minerals

Zinc- unrefined and pure – found in jaggery

As a medicine

Not only as a sweetener, jaggery is also a medical blessing. It helps patients find relief from indigestion issues, coughs and colds, dry cough and constipation too. Jaggery has antioxidants which help fight against the onslaught of free radicals, culprits that cause tumors and cancers.

sugar and jaggery


With so many benefits from the humble natural sweetness of nature; Jaggery thus takes the crown over plain white sugar crystals. It isn’t too late to switch over- however, we would ask you to check with the family doctor on the intake and if you have sugar related issues.

Stay healthy and bring in the sweetness with jaggery from now on!

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