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LED Clothing Is The Future Of Fashion

by Fashionlady
LED Clothing

Did you ever imagine that you will wear clothes that have LED lighting in them – LED clothing? Well, that’s how it works in today’s world. Fashion and technology have become fast friends and sure enough, a lot of revolutionary items are available out there and you will love to have them in your wardrobe.

LED Clothing

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The latest to join this revolution is LED clothing. But what exactly is this LED clothing and how can you wear something that has lights in them? Turns out, LED dress is now a thing and even major fashion houses have had their models walk in LED clothing.

All About LED Clothing:

In this article, we will tell you all about how this came into being and the places where you can get your own LED clothing from!

Read on:

It was in the CES Fashion Show in 2015 that LED wearable dresses first hit the runway. The colour sensitive dress has a sensor on the top that is triggered when it senses a change in colour. As a result, the LEDs that cascade on the dress light up. A pretty looking dress, for sure, but not that easy to wear because it was quite cumbersome.

But this was just one of the types of LED clothing that was available. Scientists were taking things much further. So besides the colour triggering LED clothes, ramps were also showcasing clothes that could have motion detectors to trigger the LED lights and some could even display hashtags or tweets from Twitter. LED costume was transforming in a tremendous way and fashion designers all over the world were capitalizing it in a big way!

CES Fashion Show

Source: mashable.com

LED Fashion For Everyone:

When LED fashion made an entrance into the fashion scene, it wasn’t for everyone. It was designed for the entertainment industry where people got their LED clothing especially made and these weren’t something that could be used in everyday lives.

For instance, in the 2010 MET Gala, Katy Perry was perhaps one of the very first fashionistas who had worn a light-up LED dress. And then she wore a CuteCircuit gown which was covered with brightly colored rope lights.

Katy Perry Led Dress

Source: huffingtonpost.com

The same company was then given the chance to design another dress for Nicole Scherzinger. This one was a digital masterpiece and it featured over 2,000 LED lights and 3,000 Swarovski crystals. Not just these lights, but there was something else that was special about this dress. It showed tweets that were appropriately tagged and were in real time!

CuteCircuit LED Outfits

Source: cutecircuit.com

LED Fashion For The Gen Next:

The thing with LED clothes is that they appeal more to the younger generation and in fact, they are the ones who are driving this urge for companies to come up with LED clothing. With this companies have now ventured out to a number of ways to incorporate LEDs in our daily clothing. So you get LED jackets, LED dresses, LED shoes and LED costumes too! Not just that, these come with their own one-year warranty as well!

LED Apparels

Source: inhabitat.com

Features of these LED Apparels:

So what is so special about the clothes and shoes? Each of these come with LED lights (Of course!) and also special and additional effects depending on the amount you would want to spend or the customization you would want

  • LED lights can twinkle and shine or even display sequential patterns
  • The lights can be reprogrammed to shine in a particular manner – like to the rhythmic beats of music or sound
  • The patterns can be controlled by using a battery operated remote or a hand-held device depending on the design

Smart LED bulbs, EL sheets or fiber optics are all used in conjunction with each other to give the desired effect in the dresses or clothes or even the shoes!

Companies That Are Focusing On LED Apparels:

Like we mentioned before, LED clothing earlier was only in the entertainment industry and the ones that they came up with were notoriously non-wearable. Of course, you couldn’t go outside wearing something that is heavy and cumbersome. But as the interest for such type of apparels increased, companies started to realize that they should focus on clothes that will be wearable and easy to carry off. Also, they shouldn’t end up looking too weird!

Switch Embassy had also come up with a shirt that says, ‘go away’. So you can get rid of the creepy fellow without even having to strain your vocal chords! Now that’s one way to ward off stalkers!

CuteCircuit: One of the first companies to have ventured into this field, the CEO Francessa Rosella said that her company is developing a new dress that will change color based on the movement of the wearer. She says that this kind of activity also helps to encourage people to be more active.

Vfiles: Another company in the scene that is notching their LED apparel game is Vfiles. This is one of the only companies that was asked by the New York Fashion Week to showcase their work on the runway. They made hoodies, hats, vests, backpacks, and jackets for the Fashion Week. So what was special in their clothes? They used LED lights in conjunction with fiber optics and integrated them together. The user has to use the Bluetooth function on their phone app and tap on the various colours that they want to wear. So, red, blue, green, purple and pink – choose any, and you could wear it at the tap of a button!


Another cool feature of the apparels released by Vfiles is their ability to transform into Music mode. A tested feature, this will allow your apparel to change colour depending on the pulses of the song or the song beats. The battery on these apparels last for a maximum of five hours, but in the future, the company plans to make the technology on these a little better so that the battery lasts longer and for at least 10 hours.

But what if all this is beyond your reach but you desperately want one LED apparel or a dress?

We have a solution for this too!

You can build your own LED clothes:

DIY LED Lapel Jacket:

Now that you have seen all the possibilities that the fashion and tech world combined have given you in terms of LED clothing, why wouldn’t you want one? But the problem is, it’s still a little difficult for mortals like us to get our hands on these types of clothing. But if you are really desperate to have something like that for yourself, you can build your own jacket.

Step 1: Get some LED lights with their safety tabs on

Step 2: Pull off their safety tabs

Step 3: Pin them on your jacket lapel at an equal distance and voila! Your jacket is ready to go and glow!

DIY LED Lapel Jacket

Source: flashingblinkylights.com

LED clothing is still a little far away from entering the mainstream, but there are a few patrons who are stocking up on these apparels. If not clothing, you can go for LED shoes and backpacks which are a little more easily available than their t-shirt or jacket counterparts! Let us know if you’re up for it in the comments box below!

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