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Banana Peel On Your Forehead

by Fashionlady
Banana Peel for Headache

Banana Peel on Forehead

Headaches, the most torturous thing to happen to you mid-day or at night. This uncomfortable pain can attack any part of the head, at any point of time without any warning. A headache can last from a few minutes to a few hours to a few days. Without the right kind of remedy, there might not be a solution to the headache.

Well, keeping the antibiotics apart, we have an amazing solution for you! It has worked wonders for me and I’m sure you will turn back to this every time, if you try it once. A simple and natural solution that could instantly fight away your headache is here.

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It does sound funny to put a banana peel on your forehead, more than sounding, it looks funny rather. A banana peel could stop your excruciating headache. However silly the method may sound, it really works!

So today, I will show you how to put the banana peel to best use.

What You Need :

  • Banana Peel (1)
  • Ice
  • Towel

Banana Peel

Directions To Relieve The Headache :

  1. Take a banana peel which is recent. Recommendable not to try it with an old banana peel that it almost black in colour, chances are the remedy won’t work so fast.
  1. Take the ice and put it inside the banana peel. Tape the ice to the insides of the banana peel so it’s intact.
  1. Now, put the iced banana peel onto your forehead while you lay flat on a surface. Prefer to be
  1. In a room that is dark and quiet for inner peace. This could help in relieving the headache faster than you think.
  1. Once the ice is starting to melt, place the towel in such a manner that it soaks in the dripping water instead of getting your clothes soaked.
  1. For about 20minutes minimum, let the iced banana peel be on the forehead to work its instantaneous magic.


Shortly thereafter, your headache would’ve significantly reduced or disappeared itself. If your headache still persists, continue the banana peel on the forehead for a little longer until you feel the headache going away.

Why It Works :

The high content of potassium in the banana peel helps in easing the headache to soothe the pain. Whereas the ice tries to calm the heat produced in the head due to the headache.

So, try this when you experience a headache! You will regret to have not known this before. Stay healthy!

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