Top Uses of Banana Peel – Stay Healthy, Happy And Beautiful By Going


Top Uses of Banana Peel - Stay Healthy, Happy And Beautiful By Going

Banana split which mom made was always a treat to have while the holidays were on. And the same can be said for banana muffins, banana cakes and banana brownies too. Without the occasional cubes and slices of the fruit, a fruit bowl seemed so incomplete. But wait, what did mom do with those peels; did she throw them out? Well no she didn’t, here is what she did!

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1. Get rid of garden pests

Fed up of the bugs eating away the primroses you’ve just planted? Do what mom used to do- cut the peels into two inch lengths and bury them near the potted plants. The deterrent rotting smells of the peel wouldn’t be a welcoming sign for the pesky bugs, and your plants would be safe!

Ways To Use Banana Peels

2. Ouch, those splinters

More often than not, when it came time to fix wooden items around the house, dad would have to be the handyman. While working with his tools, sawing and cutting pieces of wood, an occasional splinter or two would lodge itself painfully into his fingers. Banana peels to the rescue- use a band-aid and tape the peel inside out on the affected zone. The enzymes of the peel would help soften the splinter and remove it with minimal pain too.

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Uses of banana peels

3. Maintain expensive and luxe items

Go bananas with that, the peel can be used to rub your silver to a shine. In addition to that, you could also rub the peel over leather bags and shoes too; helps prevent mildew!

Banana Peel Uses

4. Juicy roasts

Placing banana peels on top of meats and then pushing the dish into the oven makes the meat soft, tender and juicy. That’s what the ancestors did, and now you know how to make ways to your mans heart too- through his stomach!

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Honey baked bananas

5. For the face

Acne and eruptions can be painful, we know! Use a peel to cover over the affected area (chilled peels). The peels enzymes would help cool the area and soothe the acne as well. Rubbing a peel every night over the face and allowing it to dry, thereafter washing it with running cold water can help slow down the ageing process too.


Banana peel uses for face

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6. Her pearly white teeth

Often wondered where mom’s flashy pearly smile came from, and how? It wasn’t only the toothpaste and the floss to give credit to; sometimes she used the insides of a banana peel to rub against her teeth and gums- night after night and for two weeks long. End results, a pearly white smile that floored us all.

Use Banana peels for Whiten Your Teeth


7. Treating minor nicks and cuts

Yes, we all faced the falls while playing in the dirt, or maybe while moving around the house or school. Even when we were stung by mosquitoes and bugs, the irritating pain was unbearable for the first couple of seconds; thanks to the banana peel, we suffered less. Rub the insides of the peel over the affected area, and the active enzymes help heal and soothe the area affected in less than ten seconds.

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Use Banana Peel for Mosquito and Bug Bites

8. Shine those leaves

Love those plants shine them up, use the insides of a banana peel to get them all glossy and shiny. A gentle rub now and then on the surface of the leaf does wonders. And we can then sing the famous rhyme “Mary Mary Quite Contrary How Does Your Garden Grow”!

Rub with Banana Peel for plants shine

9. Compost

Banana peels have plenty of vitamins and minerals in them, perfect for compost composition too. So feed your garden plants a healthy diet- they would blossom and shine all year round.


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