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Go Bananas for Beautiful Skin and Hair!

by Fashionlady
Go Bananas for Beautiful Skin and Hair!

Go Bananas for Beautiful Skin and Hair!
Banana is the common man’s meat. And it’s not a wild statement but confirmed logic. Firstly, it is available throughout the year. Secondly, they are exceptionally healthy as they packed with health benefits – they contain many nutrients such as vitamins A, B, C and E and minerals like potassium, zinc, iron and manganese. Just as you would like to munch on a banana to keep your body in good health, application of this fruit on your hair and skin helps you keep them in great condition as well.

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Natural Skin Moisturizer

Mash the ripe banana and apply it on the face. Wash it after 10 -15 minutes. Since banana contains the vitamin A, it helps to moisturize the skin.

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Open Skin Pores

Banana can keep the skin glowing beyond doubt. That happens as it easily opens the clogging skin pores and imparts glow to the face. Take the finely ripe banana and mix lemon juice to the mashed banana. Apply this mask on the face. Wash the face after 10 minutes. Lemon contains vitamin C that exfoliates and cleans the skin.

Skin Brightener

Banana peels can brighten your skin. Gently rub the inner peel on your skin and then rinse off.

Anti aging Benefits

Since banana has loads of minerals and vitamins particularly vitamin E, it helps to free your face from wrinkles and age spots. Mash the banana and mix powdered form of vitamin E capsules into it. Apply this anti-aging face mask, and after 10-15 minutes wash the face.

Reduce Eye puffiness

Take banana peel and cut it into small pieces. Rub the inner side of the peel on puffy eyes and under the eyes for 5 minutes. Now wash the face. The potassium levels in it help to decrease the puffiness under the eyes.

Acne Treatment

There could be many reasons your skin is prone to acne. However, for best results, rub the affected area on the face with a banana for a few minutes, then rinse off. Repeat it three times daily. The antioxidants in the peels help in fighting pesty breakouts.

Wrinkle treatment

Once again the banana peel stands out in the beauty regimen. Rub the peel on the face in circular motion. This process helps in preventing the wrinkles on the face.


Whiten Teeth

Banana peel is very safe and healthy when it comes to whitening teeth as they are a wonderful source of minerals and vitamins. They do not have the abrasiveness that other natural whiteners have, and best of all they are inexpensive. Cut off a piece of the banana peel and rub the inner part over your teeth and then rinse off. Repeat it twice daily to get whiter looking teeth.

So these were a few benefits of banana for face.

For the hair….

Treat damaged hair

Banana is the natural hair conditioner. Mix ripe banana and coconut milk in a bowl and apply to the hair. Wash your hair after 10 minutes. If amla (Indian gooseberry) juice is available, then add a teaspoon to the above mix.

Control Hair loss

Mash the banana into fine paste and add ½ cup of curd to it. Apply this smooth paste on the scalp. It helps to control the itchy scalp and prevents hair loss.

Hair Mask

Here’s how to get silky hair. Take the banana peel in a blender and add olive oil or coconut oil and egg white to it. Blend the ingredients well and apply on the hair scalp. This hair mask strengths the hair from the roots, making it soft and silky.

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