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Folks, You Will Go Bananas With Banana Peel Uses

by Fashionlady
benefits of banana peel

banana peel uses

Munch munch or shake shake, you can do so much with a banana. Guess the common tendency we all have – throw the banana peel into a trash bin. However, when you hear of banana peel uses, you will be happily shocked and surprised.

Can You Eat a Banana Peel?

What is a banana peel? We all know what it is, but Can you eat a banana peel? I suggest grab a banana in your hand as that will make you notice, experience and admire the benefits of banana peel in a better way.

Tip 1 – Grilling Chicken

Beef steaks and chicken breasts badly need tenderising. Since meat has a tendency to dry out faster when you are cooking it or flipping it in the pan or oven, the best option lies in a banana peel.

Place banana peels in the roasting pan before you put them in the oven. The peel helps create a natural barrier which enables the meat to retain its natural juices so that you get melt-in-your-mouth texture and flavour of the meat.

Tip 2 – Fruit Fly Trap

What do you to knock off the pesky houseflies? Use all possible methods and fail, I suppose. Amidst other benefits of banana peel, one of them includes designing a trap for the house flies.

Pick a plastic container, a hammer, a small nail and of course a banana peel. Poke holes in the lid of the container using the nail and hammer. Put the banana peel inside, snap on the lid and leave it where the flies are likely to gather. The banana’s sweet smell will attract the fruit flies, compelling them to crawl in. But the best part is they will not be able to fly back out through the small little holes. Once the flies have been caught, discard the fruit fly trap after a day or two.

Can you eat a banana peel

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Tip 3 – Remove Ink Stains From Skin

So many times, we have stained our hands with ink stains. But sadly enough, washing off hands with soap and water doesn’t help.

To de-ink your skin, first eat a banana and rub the fleshy white side of the peel into the stained areas of your hand. You will notice the ink stain going off gradually.

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The banana peel has natural oils which attracts the oils in the ink, weakening the oil pigment’s bonding with the skin. This helps in easy removal of the stains without any soap scrubbing which otherwise leaves your skin dry.

Tip 4 – Soothe Itchy Bug Bite

Mosquitoes are a perennial pain for us. In order to get fast relief from itchy bite, just rub the inside part of a banana peel on the red and inflamed area. The polysaccharides in the peels will filter in the affected skin, thereby stopping swelling within minutes and help promote healing.

Tip 5 – Whiten Teeth

Why go to a professional dentist and spend a fortune getting your teeth whitened when a banana peel can be of good use?

Rub the inside white portion of the peel against freshly brushed teeth for about two minutes on a daily basis.

The plaque-busting agent such as astringent salicyclic acid and citric acid which gently bleaches makes the banana peel uses absolutely wonderful in lightening surface stains on teeth without eroding the teeth enamel. So now you know the reason of getting your pearly whites back?

banana peel uses skin care

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Tip 6 – Buff Away Stains On Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are damn expensive and stains on them are good enough to make you lose your sleep. All you need to do is rub the inside white portion of the banana peel on the stained leather and wipe it off with a clean cloth.

Tip 7 – Stop The Skipping Of A Scratched Cd Or Dvd

Often we face problems with CD not running smoothly. Rub the back of the disc slowly in a circular motion using the inside of the banana peel. Should you come up with any residue material on it, wipe it off with a soft cloth. Then get a glass cleaner and spray the disc with it till it starts to look clean. The wax element in the banana peel will fill in the CD’s scratches without harming the plastic finish. This way you can enjoy uninterrupted CD playing.

Advantages of banana peel

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Tip 8 – Brighten Up Houseplants

Dust particles are the second thing you see on house plants other than fresh dew drops. When you spray water on the leaves, you are just spreading the dirt around.

Pick a banana peel and rub the green leaves with the inside of a banana peel. It will lift the dust and dirt on the leaf surface and give you a lustrous shine.

What is a banana peel

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Tip 9 – Keep Aphids At Bay

If the roses or dahlias in your house garden are under attack by aphids, no need to feel depressed. There is a solution in banana peels. Bury cut-up banana peels about an inch deep around the base of the plants which are likely to be attacked by aphids. You will soon see the suckers pack up and leave.

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Use a small portion of the banana peels, not the whole as they look tasty for grabs by squirrels, rabbits, gophers and other animals.

banana peel benefits

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Tip 10 – Fading Away Acne Scars

Ever wondered what banana peel acne is all about? Nothing but banana peel uses skin care. To say goodbye to acne, rub a small piece of banana peel on the acne-affected area for a few minutes till the inside of the peel turns brown. Let it stay overnight and wash it off next morning. Repeat this 3 times a day for few days and you will see positive results.

Phew! Never knew the benefits of banana peel were so vast and tremendous. Now start encashing upon the banana peel uses and see how life becomes full of joy.

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