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9 Times When Twinkle Khanna Left Us In Awe!

by Fashionlady
Twinkle Khanna Birthday

Twinkle Khanna Birthday

Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs. Funny Bones celebrates her birthday today. As she turns a year older, we are quite sure that she also turns funnier. Last decade we were in love with her over her pretty looks and phenomenal acting skills, this decade we fell over her ability to move us in splits of laughter and her interior decorating skills. Does this get better by the year? We think so!

Let’s take a moment to reflect back on all the moments where Twinkle Khanna made us go aww, gave us major fashion & style inspirations, gave us relationship goals and met our inner spirit animal!

But before that, Happy Birthday Twinkle!

1. When She Revolutionised All Black Outfits

You have to agree, designer clothes or NOT, Twinkle carries all her looks rather well!

Twinkle Khanna in Black Outfits

2. When She Gave Us Desi Girl Goals

No points for guessing that all her outfits (except the red and white) are from Abu Jani & Sandeep Khosla

Twinkle Khanna in Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

3. When She Looked Super Sexy On Magazine Covers

Her L’Officiel cover gave me sleepless nights!

Twinkle Khanna on Magazine Covers

4. When She Acted Like The Rest Of US!

How many of us try skin care products like this? On a monthly basis, might I add?

Twinkle Khanna skin care products

Source: instagram.com

5. When She Gave Us Hair AND Mother Goals!

How could she capture such images beautifully, we don’t have a clue, but we just love her Instagram posts!

Twinkle Khanna daughter


6. When She Gave Us Relationship Goals!

For me, they are the desi Beckhams! Perfect and Inseparable. Touchwood guys, touchwood!

Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna

7. When She Travelled Like A BOSS!

Twinkle Khanna’s effortless styling has so much class. Don’t you agree?

9. When She Shared Her Makeup Free Pensive Selfie

Beauty, isn’t she?

Twinkle Khanna Birthday

Source: instagram.com

Can this lady get any better? We love her!

Happy Birthday once again!

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