Main Reasons For Dry Lips Decoded: Any Significant Health Issues To Be Worried About?


Reasons for Dry Lips

It is but a natural tendency to lick our lips when we feel they are too dry, isn’t it? But little did you know that the act of doing so was one of the many reasons for dry lips. Stunned? So are we! This is because as soon as we lick our lips, the dryness feel comes by again and we unintentionally repeat the act. This becomes a vicious circle of licking and the saliva deposited on our lips in time evaporates. When the evaporation happens, the moisture content from our lips diminishes and hence making the skin drier than what it was originally. And over time with more licking of the lips happening, the skin appears dry and shrunken. So if you thought licking your lips kept the beautiful lips supple and soft, you may want to rethink that again because it is one of the many reasons for dry lips.

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Reasons And Causes For Dry Lips

There are other reasons and causes of dry lips, for example, dehydration. Our skin has oil glands that helps it with moisturizing effects, which unfortunately our lips do not have that property. Moreover, when we drink less liquids and water especially during the day, our lips lose out on the moisture content too, turning dry and chapped in a couple of hours. Even too much exposure to the elements around, the harmful UV rays of the sun especially can be reasons for dry lips.

Most Common Causes Of Chapped Lips

Moisturize Your Lips

If you thought that dry lips or chapped lips happened only during the cold windy days, you were wrong. During summers as well and when the sun hits an all time high, the radiation and the UV rays bouncing around can be reason enough to cause of dry lips. This is why applying a little sunscreen, even on your lips is a must.

Other Ways To Protect Your Lips From Dryness And Chapped Issues Would Be-

  1. Applying a teaspoon of honey and massaging the lips once a day
  2. Applying a little butter on the lips and massaging it
  3. Applying a teaspoon of olive oil or coconut oil and massaging into the lip skin
  4. Applying petroleum jelly at night and in the morning
  5. Applying a sugar scrub (a teaspoon of sugar and a pinch of honey mixed into a paste)
  6. Stop consuming too much beer, alcohol, aerated drinks and more
  7. Stop consuming tobacco and reduce your smoking habits
  8. Check the ingredients of your cosmetics and toiletries, for example lipstick and toothpaste; chemicals can dry lips too
  9. You could have dry lips from too much Vitamin A, Vitamin C etc, and
  10. Check with your family doctor on underlying allergies and illnesses; medications too can cause dry lips.
Dry Lip Causes

Any Health Issues To Be Wary About?

We think that dry lips happen because of the cold winds out there or because the body doesn’t have enough of water to sustain, but that could be just about a hint to the varied health issues upcoming. Hence consider cracked or dry lips as a serious health condition, and here’s why!

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1. Dry and chapped lips accompanied by swollen lymph nodes, tongue, red eyes and fever could mean you have Kawasaki disease, where the skin turns red on the feet and the hand. If left unchecked, the patient (toddlers and kids) could have serious heart issues to deal with.

health problems

2. Doctors would agree when we say dry lips are a sign of vitamin B deficiency. Dry lips let us know that there is a lack of folic acid in the body, or riboflavin (Vitamin B2) as well, which can lead to chronic illnesses at a later stage in life.

chapped lips causes

So yes, today we learnt that we could actually have health problems when dry lips start appearing. You must check with your family doctor on the same, should the dry lips persist and create painful moments for you. Not always should we leave it thinking that the winter winds have played havoc on us, but the symptoms as it shows could be something more to be wary about.


symptoms of dry lips

A Pack To Help You Moisten Your Lips

  • 1 Tbsp sugar
  • 1 Tbsp honey

Mix the two into a gooey paste and apply as a lip balm, massaging it into your lips twice a day.

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Chapped Lips Remedies

This lip pack helps moisturize and hydrate the skin of the lips, and also promoted blood circulation too. Stay healthy and prevent the symptoms of dry lips from happening over and over again, because we love your smile and would want to see more of it!


  1. I love drinking water during summer and winter. I never had any problem, especially no problem going to the bathroom, plus no leaks during before and after. I always drink water, but this time, perhaps it has something to do with my age just turns 62 years old last November 2020. My lips are getting red and bold red; look like a rash in the corner of mouth. Just started two days ago. I have chronic illnesses: stuffy nose; cannot breath through my nose, migraine headache, grinding teeth (I have worn guard since in late 30’s); custom made by Dental. No more, I order online which it is much cheaper than spend $600. Also my bedroom is cold and I used three blankets; no problem and love it. I hate heater because I cannot breathe properly (rarely snore) because of stuffy nose if near heater.


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