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Wild, Gorgeous And Beautiful Fake Nails Designs

by Fashionlady
how to put on long fake nails

fake nails designs

Zillions of fads hit the fashion world. Question is why should you try something fake? But why should you shy away from ‘fashionable fake’? And by that I mean oh-so-beautiful fake nail designs.

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When it comes to nail art, artificial nails designs are the best way to extend short nails. The best artificial nails at home are made of acrylics or resin which are applied on top of the nail. They dry about in a minute without any help and can be reshaped by using tools.

How To Put On Long Fake Nails

Thinking how to put on long fake nails? Just follow this procedure step by step and it’s easy to go:

1. Take off your old nail polish, or else it will make it difficult for fake nails to stick and stay on. If on the other hand you are wearing artificial nails designs, then also go ahead and remove them.

how to put on fake nails at home

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2. Now soak your nails in warm water for about 5 minutes and dry them with a piece of cloth before you start to apply fake nails.

3. Trim and file your nails using a nail clipper so that they all look even. Push back your cuticles using a cuticle pusher and thereafter buff your nails.

artificial nails at home

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4. Time now to apply fake nails. Open the package and lay out all the fake nails in the necessary order that you will be placing them on the original nails. The largest of them will be placed on the thumb, and the smallest of them on your little most finger. See to it that how to put on fake nails at home is done methodically using the nail glue, and that the artificial nails designs sit and fit comfy on your real nails.

artificial nails design

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While applying the fake nail, put some glue on the real nail, and also some glue on the reverse side of the fake nail which will be facing the original nail.

Now paste the artificial nail over your real nail in such a way that the bottom curve blends perfectly with your cuticle. Just press the fake nail down for 10 seconds so that it can set itself. Make sure there are no gaps left against your real nail.

5. Repeat this process on the remaining nails and file the nails to the desired shape.

6.The time is ripe now to paint your nails. Go ahead and show some experimentation on long artificial nails designs by going for ombre nails, marbled nails, ladybug nails etc. You can also try out polka dots on nails or something more creative such as a strawberry or a panda.

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best artificial nails at home

1. Acrylic Nails

Easiest type of artificial nails designs acrylic nails largely use acrylic monomer and powder. You can apply them on the whole of the nail, or even as tip extenders.

  • Acrylic nails are cheap and cost-effective
  • Dry up fast in 30-40 seconds
  • Can be removed easily by just soaking your nail with acetone for 15 minutes
  • Lasts long
  • Tough and durable
  • In the event of breakage, they are easy to remove and repair

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The bleak side of it is that:

  • Acrylic nails give a strong irritating odour
  • Look artificial
  • Can feel a bit heavy on fingers
  • If hands are not clean, then your nails are bound to get infected soon
Acrylic Nails Designs

Source: blogspot.com

2. Gel Nails

These nails are considered to be a safer option as the gel mixture doesn’t emit strong odours. Easy to apply, you can apply UV gel on your nails and use a UV lamp to dry it off within seconds. The plus point about it is like so:

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  • Glossy finish
  • No need of preparation or mixing since it comes pre-mixed
  • No odor
  • Flexible, durable and natural looking
  • As against acrylic nails, gel nails have lesser chances for penetration by bacteria
  • Whenever you are wearing these fake nails designs, you can also use regular nail polish on top of it.

As for the negatives,

  • A UV lamp becomes necessary to cure it. But keep in mind that long exposures to UV can end up damaging skin cells
  • Gel nails last for only 2 weeks
  • Not easy to remove and therefore has to be filed off
  • Cost double than acrylic nails
Beautiful Fake Nails Designs

Source: shebanails.com

3. Shellac Nails

These nails are a hybrid of gel and acrylic nails. As for the pros, shellac nails:

  • Glossy and fresh-looking
  • Get you a smooth nail surface
  • Give you a light feel on fingers
  • No filings required
  • Can last upto 30 days
  • Can be removed by soaking the hands in acetone for 8 minutes after which scraping to be done by a cuticle stick

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As for the cons,

  • Need a salon to be done
  • Not meant for everyone, but only those who have smooth nails
  • Hardens under UV light
  • More expensive than acrylic or gel nails

artificial nails designs

Between acrylic, gel and shellac, which of the fake nails are you going to wear this time to welcome the New Year? We are waiting eagerly to hear from you.

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