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Mini Guide On Choosing The Right Golden Blouse Designs

by Fashionlady
Designer Golden Blouses

Golden Blouse Designs
Talking about the gorgeous Golden Blouse Designs, and if you plan on wearing some of them this festive season, we would ask you to refrain from being repetitive. Gold as a shade on the blouse or the Golden Blouse Designs you see can be very flattering and gorgeous to wear, but if you are wearing what the rest wear it like, it sure beats the purpose. Now that you have a penchant and a love for sarees, and it seems like you were born in them, let us show you how to choose and wear the Golden Blouse Designs of your choice.

They are party ready and gorgeous to wear with any saree

Take one of mom’s sarees and give it a new look with one of the golden blouse designs you see around. It would match with it like water to water, and a single piece or the golden blouse in question would make you a fashionista at the ethnic gathering too.

Golden Color Blouse

So how do you choose a saree that goes well with a golden color blouse?

Good question here! But first, we need to check which color sarees or what saree types would be best to wear with golden blouses. Would it be the designer ones? The fancy ones? The cotton ones? The Kerala sarees? Or the timeless and exquisite silk sarees to wear with golden blouses? Jitters galore and tension too! You really cannot make a repeat nor can you make a fashion faux pas when moving out for a gathering with family and friends, wearing the wrong combo.

Golden Blouse Patterns

Source: sareetimes.com

The best part about wearing a blouse that is golden-toned or gold in color is that it makes you look casual and chic, yet very elegant and divaish at the same time. From weddings to grand events and parties, formal gatherings to maybe your bestie’s birthday as well, you can wear a golden blouse with JUST ABOUT ANY SAREE that compliments the work done on the blouse. Now, remember, if the blouse is simple and in gold tone, the saree should be contrasting by nature, and vice-versa!

Full Sleeve Golden Blouse

Source: gulte.com

Drapes are important

It is not about the golden blouse as much as it is about how you drape the saree with it. For example, lace, tissue, and net sarees are gorgeous to wear with golden blouses. And if you are body confident of flaunting a transparent saree with a golden blouse; go for it. There is not stopping at the fashion statements you can make. And should you feel the need to be all luxe and haute; silk sarees can compliment the golden tones of the blouse and make you look super majestic and nice too. Think about blouses that have zardozi or kundan gold tones on them, for a royal look to add when you wear your sarees.

Golden Color Blouse Designs

Source: bigdipper.in

What to look for around?

So that deal with sarees is done and over with, and every woman says it is okay to wear a golden blouse with just about any saree. Now we shall look at what to look around for, as in what type of golden blouses to look around and wear for the festivities.

Golden Blouse Patterns

1. if the climes where you stay are too hot and humid, and yet you want to have that zing statement made this time, a shiny golden sleeveless blouse with intricate designs embossed on it would be an apt choice to wear


Designer Golden Blouse Patterns

Source: mirraw.com

2. A boat neck golden blouse which is chunky and perfect to wear with lace and tissue sarees would be a funky fashion statement to make. And this is especially if you are not too fond of wearing too much neck and ear jewelry and would still want to shine out amongst the crowd like a diva.

Golden Blouse Patterns

Source: tradeindia.com

3. For a very formal gathering, here is one of the many golden blouse patterns which we totally have fallen for. Can be worn with expensive silk sarees to bring about a royal and a very majestic look, and it is minimal too. Perfect for the lovers of minimalism we say!

Golden Blouse Patterns

Source: nzbzd.com

Golden Blouse Patterns

Source: beautyepic.com

6. Should you want to check out our previous posts on how to drape the saree in various chic and fun trendy ways, you can wear a solid silk colored saree and drape it like a diva; pairing it up with a strappy golden blouse.

Designer Golden Blouse Patterns

Source: kanjivaramsilks.com

7. The full-sleeved golden lace embroidered blouse is a must-have this time; it helps coordinate a gorgeous fashion statement with whatever you plan to wear the saree drape like!

Full Sleeve Golden Blouse

Source: snapdeal.com

We hope this guide on how to wear your designer golden blouse patterns ,full sleeve golden blouse and strappy golden blouses, comes in handy!

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