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Model-Actor Diana Hayden’s Baby Born By ‘Egg Freezing’

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Diana Hayden Baby Born By Egg Freezing

Diana Hayden Baby Born By Egg Freezing

She became popular at the age of 21 when she won the Femina Miss India contest. She further gained prestige when she was crowned Miss World in 1997. On January 9, 2016 she came into limelight for a different reason. One that is unique and special, and brings hopes to several girls who wish to go the motherhood way one day.

Diana Hayden Delivers Baby girl

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Yeah, Diana Hayden, who is now aged 42 became proud mother to a beautiful baby girl not biologically, but as a result of an egg that Hayden had frozen eight years ago.

No, this is not a piece of sci-fi fantasy but published news in Times of India. Diana had read about egg freezing in the year 2005, and thought of giving it a shot.

With the help of an infertility specialist Dr Nandita Palshetkar, she froze 16 eggs, for a period of 5 months. While doing so, she became yet another addition to the line of Indian women who are opting to make babies for lifestyle reasons, not medical ones.

Wouldn’t you like to know the name of the new born girl? It’s Arya Hayden. Her birth proves that though egg freezing seemed difficult a decade ago, it is very much possible today and lifts the tension of reproducing with passing years.

Diana Hayden baby bump

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What Diana Hayden Said On Egg Freezing

Diana’s much awaited birth happened in a hospital suite in Santa Cruz (Mumbai) in Surya Mother and Child Hospital.

She was all of 32 in the year 2005 when she read about the concept of egg freezing for the first time.

With the help of Dr Nandita Palshetkar, Diana froze 16 eggs between October 2007 and March 2008. There were two reasons why Diana did that.

The primary reason was she was busy with her career at that time, and having a child would have intervened in her business engagements. Secondly, she was quite clear in her mind that she wanted to wait for that time when she would fall in love and marry before giving birth to a baby. Hats off to Diana as she was clear what her priorities were.

Egg Freezing Method

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What Made Diana Hayden Go for Egg Freezing

Egg freezing was a god-sent opportunity for Hayden. At the age of 40 when she had married her would-be husband American Collin Dick, she came to know that she was down with endometriosis.

This is a painful condition in which the inner lining of the uterus or endometrium starts to grow outside as well. This affects the women’s production of good quality eggs.

It is then that both Diana and Collin decided to go for a test tube baby by thawing Diana’s frozen eggs.

Diana Hayden

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It is interesting to know that Diana Hayden had been a health ambassador in the past. When her grandmother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she took up the initiative to spread awareness about the disease.

All in all, it’s a smart decision taken by Diana Hayden 10 years ago. My question to all such cases out there waiting for their child to happen – given a chance would you go for it or no?

Drop a line and tell us your views on the concept of egg freezing in ladies. Your answers would help enlighten many women, single as well as married who want to give birth to their first child.

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