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7 Beauty Benefits Of Vitamin C – For Skin, Nails And More

by Fashionlady
Vitamin C Benefits

Beauty Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most extensively known and consumed nutritional additive. We normally always get advised by specialists to ingest sufficient quantities of Vitamin C and incorporate it into our everyday diet. Why? Well, this vitamin is much needed for the growth and restoration of our body tissues, so is vouched for beauty benefits. Vitamin C further assists in absorption of iron from food and even reinforces our immune system, hence shielding us from ailments.

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Vital nutrient for beauty Vitamin C offers a host of benefits! Most women use over-priced cosmetics and creams to preclude the symptoms of aging, instead of all this, the most effective means of preserving healthy skin is by the intake of Vitamin C. However, as Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin hence your body is incapable to keep it stocked; so you need to eat it on a daily basis through your regular meals or extra supplements.

Vitamin C Skin Benefits

What are the beauty benefits Vitamin C offers? Read on to understand the 7 perks of Vitamin C skin, hair and nail benefits.

Curtails The Signs of Aging

This vitamin is crucial in generating the molecules (hydroxyproline & hydroxylysine) that later help to glue and produce Collagen. What does Collagen do? Well, it aids in keeping your skin firm, robust and toned. It also supports in reconstructing tissues of the skin from the depths and diminishing wrinkles and other marks of aging.

Furthermore, the antioxidant properties this vitamin has assists in inhibiting dryness of skin along with the wrinkles.

vitamin c skin

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Moisturizes Your Skin

To boost the blood circulation in your body Vitamin C is rather necessary. This in turn facilitates the better absorption of nutrients and promotes the construction of elastin (a fundamental ingredient required to help reconcile the skin). Elastin and Collagen together support in treasuring the suppleness and softness of your skin and giving it a healthy & glowing appearance.

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Vitamin C Skin Benefits

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Heals Damage Due To Sun

Because of sun exposure, free radicals emerge in your skin and can cause your skin to tan and burn. Excess exposure can even lead to pigmentation and burn marks. Again, the antioxidants present in the vitamin expels these harmful radicals and hence it cuts back on the risks of skin cancer provoked due to the Ultra Violet rays of the sun. It lightens the sun marks and discolouration of the skin. It’s just like a mellow and organic sun screen!


Vitamin C for Skin

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Vitamin C Hair Benefits

Enhances Hair Growth

Fights Dandruff

A diet with adequate quantities of this vitamin can combat dandruff with ease. Your hair roots can get blocked due to the presence of flaky dandruff and can avert the growth of hair. Vitamin C guides in counteracting up on the bacteria on your scalp and stops dandruff from returning. Moreover, it stimulates the growth of new hair. Its antiviral characteristics also assist in relieving a dry or itchy scalp.

Vitamin C Hair Benefits

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Prevents Hair Loss And Greying

Vitamin C is utilized in overturning the weariness of the adrenal gland. This helps to inhibit hair loss and instead promotes growth; since these glands are vital in upholding a proper equilibrium of hormones.

This vitamin also supports in withholding the natural colour of the hair, hence prohibiting greying.

Vitamin C for Hair

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Vitamin C Nails Benefits

Healthy And Longer Nails

The production of Collagen due to this vitamin invigorates the conjoining tissues and skin, as well as enhances blood circulation. This helps your nails to become longer and healthy. Along with this, it rules out the chances of hangnails by directing the nails to grow in the proper course. Ingesting vitamin C routinely is the finest means of achieving healthy nails or massage your nails with essential oil.

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Vitamin C Nails Benefits

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So these were a few of the many Vitamin C benefits. There are many sources of vitamin C such as citrus fruits, green & leafy vegetables, tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, baked potatoes etc. Further, vitamin C oils and serums can be applied directly on your face and hair to reap its beauty benefits. Just incorporate this miraculous vitamin in your lifestyle, and see its positive effects!

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