Most Beautiful Solitaire Rings Every Woman Dreams About


Beautiful Solitaire Rings
No matter whatever rock your fiancé slips on your ring finger, you’ll be happy we know. But you would surely want your engagement ring to be beautiful enough to be cherished for the lifetime. We offer you 5 most beautiful solitaire rings every woman dreams about.

People say diamonds are woman’s best friends. Even world’s greatest celebrity like Elizabeth Taylor couldn’t escape from its bewitching qualities. She is now 83 years old, still she has not been able to confine her temptation from such embedded jewelries. There was a time, when she was the owner of some of the costliest stones in the world. Such is the audacity of such gems that anybody can fall in love with it in the first sight.

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Diamonds are usually fetched during wedding seasons. When wedding bells ring, the first thing that strikes our mind is to purchase is a beautiful ring, either in platinum or gold but with a solitaire encrusted in it.


Wedding is the most momentous happening in one’s life. So everybody dreams of cherishing this occasion life long. And in order to make it memorable, everybody makes selective plans and executes accordingly. Ring tops the chat list of such plans. For this, people refer the best outlet in the upper market. They go through hordes of catalogues, for a single ring. Sometimes, they recommend their own designs and place their orders accordingly. But always, it is not an easy job as it seems.

Sometimes, we do not get our desired design and sometimes, we do not recognize stone of desired carat. In all these faux pass, Internet lends a great helping hand for rescue. There are numerous shopping portals, which deal with such kind of accessories. Here, you can come across a varied number of designs as well as diamonds in varied sizes.

Solitaire Ring

Diamonds are available in various forms and cuts. The most common form is round. Princess, emerald, radiant, oval, pear, marquise, heart, asscher, cushion, trillian etc. are also available at these web portals. For your convenience, these websites have displayed an option considering the size and one can hence search for a stone accordingly.

diamond clarity

You are open to about 2 lakh solitaires at such shopping zones and you can also grab an expert’s advice on your selected items. In order to lure customers, some online companies also offer a luck draw. The prize may be a white elegant ring, with 1.14 carat princess cut white solitaire.

Go through 5 most beautiful solitaire rings every woman dreams about.

1. Classic Four Prong Engagement Ring in Platinum

This bespoke solitaire engagement ring offers you timeless appeal, adding stars to your personality. Plus, the sleek platinum base adds luxury to your engagement ring.

Classic Four Prong Engagement Ring in Platinum

2. Petite Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

This is another magnificent diamond engagement ring that can become one of your most prized possessions apart from being the epitome of your love story. The solitaire ring is encrusted with a half circle of sparkling small pavé diamonds with a huge rock as the center piece.

Petite Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

3. Classic Halo Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Here is another breathtaking creation offered by This bespoke diamond engagement ring in platinum flaunts a spectacular rock flanked by small diamonds and deftly encrusted against the immaculate platinum base.



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