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Radiant Cut Engagement Rings That Would Make You Lose Your Night Sleep

by Fashionlady
Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings

If only Marilyn Monroe didn’t sing “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’, the craze for the precious stone wouldn’t have been on such a high- Madonna did the same on a remixed version of the song, so yes, radiant cut engagement rings are what these divas sang songs about and that what we love.

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With all things traditional, across the world the men out there should know how important it is to have chic radiant cut engagement rings chosen for their women. The choice of radiant cut engagement rings to say are timeless and classy, and are known as the best center gems that can enthrall the lady. They last long, look luxe and are precious to own as a heirloom too- brilliant isn’t it what mother nature can give us?

Radiant cut engagement rings designs

Radiant Cut Engagement Rings Designs

When choosing radiant cut engagement rings designs, there are a few things to bear in mind. Here are some of the rules to adhere to when picking up a radiant cut diamond engagement ring.

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We shall start with the shape. Sushmita Sen may have said the only man who would be able to wow her and swoon her off her long legs, would be a man who brings to her a big stone, but when selecting a radiant cut diamond engagement ring, you have to keep an eye on the shape of the ring. The rounder they are, the better they would sparkle.

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Engagement ring designs

The princess radiant cut diamond engagement ring would be an angular cut one, with contemporary touches to the classy tones it has.

Princess cut diamond engagement rings

There are radiant cut diamond engagement rings that have geometric shapes and cuts to it. These are rings most high profiled women wear once they are engaged and can be very expensive to buy.

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Radiant cut wedding rings

Vintage inspired radiant cut diamond engagement rings are best worn for engagement ceremonies, and they are a stunning lot to choose from.

Radiant cut diamond engagement rings

Emerald cushion radiant diamond cut rings are step cut, elegant and appearance wise very sleek. The fire and sparkle emitted by them are less and the transparency within the stone is more.

Radiant cut diamond finger rings

While Valentine ’s Day is just round the corner, one could also opt for the heart shaped radiant cut diamond rings, which epitomize the hardcore romantic.

Heart shaped diamond ring

When Choosing The Shape

There are a few things to take into account when choosing the shape of the radiant cut diamond engagement ring. For one we would focus on the preferences and the persona of the receiver.

Diamond styles

If you aren’t too sure of the shape choice, be wise enough then to choose round shaped radiant cut diamond engagement rings which are the most popular ones worn by women across the globe. This is because of the brilliant radiance it emanates when worn.

Different diamond shapes

Most women desire the round brilliant diamond radiant cuts because you get all three-quarters flashing out.

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Diamond shapes

There are some who look for the cut as in an angular princess style that speaks of classy and luxe effects.

Radiant cut ring

Ascher and cushion radiant cut diamond engagement rings are admired by many across the globe, especially if you have a penchant for all things romantic and vintage.

Radiant cut rings for engagement


With Regard To Quality

One of the most important aspects when choosing radiant cut diamond engagement rings would be to check for quality- the gem size too.

Engagement rings

While selection is on, you should use your diligence when picking a style and keep a watch on your budget too. Check for the carat, which is the unit of weight for a diamond and it also speaks about the size. And also check for the cut of the diamond that exudes brilliance and scintillating fiery effects when the ring is worn.

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You also would want to check for clarity and the color of the radiant cut diamond engagement ring, which untrained eyes may not be able to decipher, but ask the sales person on the same lines. Remember, the grade selection for the best radiant cut diamond engagement ring would be F-H color and for clarity it would be “SI2” or “SI1”- the best we are offered.

Engagement ring for women

We hope this information with tips and advise comes in handy when picking radiant cut diamond engagement rings. Do check for more information from a reputed diamond merchant or top engagement ring designers and learn more about how to pick the best engagement ring designs.

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