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Cheap Engagement Rings For Women To Look Classy

by Fashionlady
Engagement Rings For Women

Engagement Rings For Women

An engagement ring should always be a giant rock-solid diamond engraved in a platinum mould. Oh, come on ladies! Get out of your dreams and become realistic. No matter how much you love that sparkling stunner on your favorite celeb’s finger, your budget will always hold you back from getting something virtually identical. Then what is the best way to bag classy yet inexpensive engagement rings for women?

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Cheap Engagement Rings For Women

Think out of the box and opt for any of the prettiest alternatives available. Here is a curation of cheap engagement rings for women that look elegant at the same time:

Cheap Engagement Rings For Women

Source: europeanville.com

Affordable Engagement Rings For Women

Tale Of Diamond…

“Diamonds are forever”. Oh yes, they are! But the bling of an engagement ring having a large real diamond can burn even a bigger hole in your pocket. Relax! There are plenty of alternatives for cheap couple engagement rings that are nothing lesser than this traditional, precious and much-desired option. Well, we are talking about man-made or ‘cultured’ (created in laboratories) diamonds, such as cubic zirconia (CZ), moissanite, etc. These ‘diamond simulants’ duplicate all the properties (physical, chemical and optical) of a real diamond and make it impossible for us to distinguish them with the naked eye. In addition, they cost significantly lower than the real diamonds. Totally win-win, right? So here are a few designs to indulge in:

1. A super pretty ring featuring a small dazzling cubic zirconia. If you are not very fond of those rock solid stones, you will absolutely fall for the simplicity of this ring.

Cheap Engagement Rings Designs

Source: haqgoldjewellerycollection.com

2. The glamour of this Sterling Silver Engagement Ring is enough to take the breath of a woman away. Can you take your eyes off it, ladies?

Affordable Engagement Rings Designs

Source: jewelsin.com

3. Fascinated by the princess-cut? This rose gold ring with a glitzy princess-cut CZ is just for you.

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Cheap Engagement Rings

Source: amazon.com

4. This Halo Round ring is simply exquisite for an engagement. Just two words for it – ‘class defined’!

Cheap Couple Engagement Rings

Source: euroschools2017.me

5. An incredibly beautiful feather-shaped band holding a pear-shaped man-made diamond – a unique creation which you’ll certainly treasure for your whole life.

Beautiful engagement rings designs

Source: engagementringbible.com

Love For Gemstones…

When looking for inexpensive yet classy engagement rings for women, think beyond the diamond. Gemstones can be a great option to try out as they literally have a huge variety (agate, apatite, aquamarine, blue topaz, garnet, onyx, opal, pearl, rose quartz, ruby, turquoise, and so on) and each of them holds a traditional meaning. Hence, a gemstone engagement ring, chosen based on the sentiment of being together, can always bear a special significance that price can’t define. Some design ideas for you are given below:

Halo Sterling Silver ring

Source: china.cn

3. This heavenly blue sapphire engagement ring is a true symbol of a healthy relationship i.e. faithfulness, truth, sincerity and reliability.

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B lue sapphire engagement ring

Source: jewellermagazine.com

4. How about a romantic rose ring like this having a rose quartz topped with a ruby carved in gold-plated sterling silver?

Rose ring

Source: crafthubs.com

5. Check out this smoky quartz wonderfully crafted in a thin gold-filled ring. Isn’t it an elegant choice for an engagement?

Gold-filled ring

Source: etsy.com

Vintage Charm…

A classic wedding in your mind? Begin it with a classic-style of engagement by choosing an authentic vintage ring. Antique rings are unique, timeless and one-of-a-kind as they are inspired by the past romantic eras. Bonus? They are super inexpensive! So when thinking of cheap engagement rings designs, consider something like the following ones:

1. The elegance and charm of this awesome vintage ring is just right for an engagement.

Vintage rings

Source: cupofjo.com

2. A lady can never say ‘no’ to this antique piece of jewelry made of diamond and gold. A true timeless creation!

Vintage engagement rings

Source: euroschools2017.me

3. Do we really need to say why this heart-shaped rose-gold Morganite Diamond ring is a true engagement jewelry? Go, grab it if you can!

Rose-gold Morganite Diamond ring

Source: iturraldediamonds.com

4. This band-shaped vintage engagement ring is a real combination of glam and glitz. We can’t help but love it!

Band-shaped vintage engagement ring

Source: weddbook.com

5. When a large turquoise stone is crafted in such a vintage-styled band with precise details, it becomes a sure bet.

Turquoise stone ring

Source: picmia.com


Cool and Sexy…

Now here are some non-traditional and affordable engagement rings designs for off-beat bride-to-bes, who are really not crazy for that shine and shimmer. With the rising popularity of alternative jewelry, the array of cool and sexy engagement rings is also increasing. Abstract designs, rough-cut stones, unusual colors and oxidized metals are all in rage these days. We show you some arts of work below:

1. A gorgeous black diamond set on a smart black band is much sexier than the classic white diamond on a gold band. What do you say?

Black diamond ring

Source: artmastersjewelry.com

2. A big red heart is a perfect engagement element. Well, the gothic style has made it even cooler, right?

Red heart ring

Source: gothicplus.com

3. This arrow ring symbolizes his love for you. See, it’s pointing towards your heart! Love is definitely in the air!

Arrow ring

Source: shopbop.com

4. Multiple gemstones placed in an asymmetric setting have made this ring an exclusive choice. We’re loving it. You?

Multiple gemstones rings

Source: refinery29.com

5. Forget the centrally crafted cubic zirconia, the purple gold band of the ring itself is enough eye-catching. Isn’t it?

Purple ring

Source: trulagreen.com

Have you found your dream engagement ring from this list of cheap yet classy engagement rings for women? We are waiting to see your finger gleaming with it. Happy engagement!

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