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Classy Yet Affordable Engagement Rings On A Budget!

by Fashionlady
Affordable Engagement Ring sets

Affordable Engagement Rings

It’s the most important piece of jewelry that you will ever own. Affordable engagement ring sets are special in their own ways and every bride wants it to be perfect. But, there is something which will always hold you back – THE Big B, aka BUDGET.

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Unlike celebrities, whose rock solid diamonds never seem to have an upper limit, we mortals do need to have a price check when we are getting our engagement rings. But let’s not fret about the price, shall we? We have picked up some amazing tricks which will help you bag the best looking affordable engagement ring sets but without burning a hole in your fiancé’s pocket!

Affordable engagement ring sets

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Showing you some engagement ring designs and ideas

Before we start off on our affordable engagement ring designs, here is what you should be keeping in mind before buying the ring.

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The Right Metal

Let’s cut to the chase. It’s always better to go with gold and silver because other metals are not hard enough to hold on to the diamond. Silver is a soft metal and there is a chance that over time your diamond will come loose off your silver ring mount and fall off! This would be a disaster, right? So, the best thing would be to get a stronger metal setting like gold or platinum. You can also go for white gold, but try and avoid any other metal.

Engagement ring designs

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The Brightest Gemstones

Who said only diamonds are a girl’s best friends? We also love emeralds, pearls and jade and so many other gemstones! And if you are not a diamond girl, (though research points out that more than 67% of women would love to have diamonds in their engagement ring) you can choose from a plethora of other precious stones like: turquoise, amethysts, etc. However, when it comes to durability, diamonds cannot be beaten!

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Budget engagement rings

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The Right Setting

Now that we have covered the two important parts of affordable engagement rings, we can’t forget the most crucial part either. This is the setting of the ring, or the part of how the stone would be displayed on the ring. The setting will also determine how protected your stone will be. For instance, a simple band setting is a low maintenance one and the prongs settings are delicate because they would be holding the rock with claw-like things.

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These require regular cleaning because of the spaces between them. Similarly, the bezel setting is also preferred a lot because it provides a lot of protection to the stones.

Affordable engagement ring ideas

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We have covered almost everything now on affordable engagement ring ideas! The next up on our agenda are some amazing ring designs and types of engagement rings which look extremely expensive but are not that hard on our pockets. Let’s begin!

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Cheap engagement rings

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Jennie Kwon Lexi Ring

Let’s reiterate, diamonds are not always a girl’s best friend and this ring proves exactly that! We don’t mind a diamond or two however! The gorgeous green emerald just steals the show!

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Cheap engagement ring designs

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Let’s hope we have made your engagement ring shopping a lot easier!

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