Our Top Picks Of Gorgeous Maang Tikka Designs For Your Sister’s Wedding


Maang Tikka Designs

A piece de resistance if you could call it, the glorified Maang tikka designs to wear for an Indian bride has a symbolism and an extravaganza of its own. Consider it as a beauty to behold, while the Indian bride is draped in luxe couture and resplendent jewels, she wouldn’t forget to find the right statement bridal hair accessories to flaunt.

Aishwarya Maang Tikka Designs
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Maang Tikka: One Of The Many Solah Shringar Items

The tradition of wearing solah shringar at Indian weddings (by the brides) has come down since time immemorial, and each item from the myriad of sixteen nuptial bestowments has a splendid reason as to why the bride wears what, and where. The Maang tikka designs thus have more than just an aesthetic meaning. It symbolizes womanhood, feminine powers and possessions of the intuitive nature that are solely hers.

Solah shringar maang tikka
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An Overview

The different Maang tikka designs are worn at the hair parting, and are available in a range of fashionable and various styles too. Much on the same lines of the bindi, the Maang tikka brings about uniqueness and charm, and a symbolism of walking the middle path when decision making is considered at her in-laws place or for the rest of her life.

Types of maang tikkas
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Across the nation, you would find various types of Maang tikkas to choose from, and a varied touch as we cross the expanse of India. While all of them sit pretty on the forehead, some are embellished with stones and crystals, pearls and feathers, and you also have the new-age styles of the bohemian beaded beauties too. Polkis and diamonds though are popular with Maang tikka designs to flaunt!

Pearls maang tikkas
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15 Chic Maang Tikka Styles You Could Think Of Wearing At Your Wedding

Here are a couple of Maang tikkas to take a look at and to seek inspiration from, for all face types. Have a look and choose the best for D-Day!

Would you like Maang tikka for round faces? Here are three options to think about. These are statement numbers that can match every ensemble and bridal look, and across all skin tones and hues too – check each one out, they are individualistically beautiful in their own rights!

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Maang tikka for round faces

For the woman who loves her kundan Maang tikka, here are your three chic and very trendy options. Each of them as resplendent and gorgeous as the next, you may just have a tough time choosing which one to wear at your wedding!

Maang tikka styles

Bridal Maang tikkas for you to shop around and search for and here are five awesome looks that you should consider when picking the crowning glory effect for D-Day!

Bridal Maang tikkas

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If that was not all, the new-age bride can rejoice knowing that there are tons of designer Maang tikkas to choose from, and wear at her wedding. Who doesn’t love the designer touch at their own D-Day? Why should then the most important jewel on you not be a chic designer Maang tikka? Here are five lovely ones to choose from.

Designer Maang tikkas

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