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Here’s When To Throw Away Your Beauty Blender

by Fashionlady
Beauty Blender for makeup

Beauty Blender

Hello lovelies! By reading the title you girls must have already guessed that we are going to talk about the precious little sponge every woman dies for – beauty blender! (For men who are reading this, don’t be a sexist and assume that sponge and woman equals to household cleaning!). It is convenient but you all must know when to throw away your beauty blender.

Anyway! Like I was saying, beauty blender is one tool in every woman’s makeup kit that she swears by it! Flawless base, contouring, strobing and just about everything can be nailed by using this little sponge.
But the real question is – how often should we change our beauty blender? Or rather, how often must we buy a new one?

How Often You Should Replace Your Beauty Blender

The answer to this question can be quite shocking! The makers say that you must change your blender every 3 months!!! Whaaaat! Yes!

Apparently, using beauty blender which has been overused can cause a lot of skin problems. The first one being breakouts and acne. We don’t want that, do we?

How Often Should You Get A New Beauty Blender

Here are three things you must consider before throwing away your old beauty blender.

Is it 3 months old?

3 Months Old Beauty Blender

Source: lulofangirl.com

Did it break?

Break beauty blender

Source: reddit.com


Has it discoloured?

Discoloured beauty blender

Source: wordpress.com

If you can relate to any of the above pointers, then know that you must change your blender. Like immediately!

P.S – the three month rule only applies to people who use the blender every day!

Hope this helps!

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