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How to make Your Engagement Ring Solitaire Look Larger

by Fashionlady
How to make Your Engagement Ring Solitaire Look Larger

How to make Your Engagement Ring Solitaire Look Larger
Nothing could be as thrilling an experience than witnessing a sparkling solitaire on your ring finger on your engagement day. I bet you would cherish that moment for the rest of your life. How about a bigger rock gracing your ring finger? Well, this doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your fiancé’s pocket.

This post will surely help you fulfill your wish. You can go through these amazing tips to make your engagement diamond ring look larger. Continue reading!

1. Halo Setting

In this kind of setting, the center piece is flanked by smaller pave diamonds, so as to make the main diamond look larger and highlighted. Besides, this kind of setting also makes your engagement ring look all the more sparkling, whilst offering a royal appeal.

2. Svelte prongs

These are nothing but those small metal clasps you see on most of the rings that hold the stones in place including diamonds. Sometimes, these prongs are thicker than they should be, hiding the real size of the rock, thereby making the diamond look smaller. So make sure the metal clasps are as thin as invisible. This will ensure the complete upper profile looks larger.

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3. Elevated setting

In this type of setting, the diamond is set at a higher elevation than the regular settings. This tall setting enables your engagement solitaire to be highlighted and look larger than its actual size.

4. Consider the shape of the diamond

Did you know for the same carat size, the diamond can look different for different cuts. Emerald cut, marquise, pear cut, and round cut look larger as compared to princess cut and heart shape. Here is a trick, go for a shape that has a longer axis.


5. Slim band

Just as slender prongs, consider a slim band to make the center piece pop up, giving the onlookers a timeless optical illusion. If your fingers are slender, then go for slimmer and brighter band such as white metal that highlights your diamond.

6. Prefer white metal over gold

When your fiancé is going to buy your engagement ring for you, ask him to choose white metal over gold. This formula is used for frames of the mirrors as well. The white metal band highlights the spark of the diamond than gold.

7. Illusion settings for non-solitaire engagement rings

If a huge solitaire is not picked for your engagement, don’t lose heart. You can still create the spark by using a cluster setting of small sized diamonds. This kind of setting can give the onlookers an illusion of solitaire.

Hope this post on how to make your engagement ring solitaire look larger proved to be useful!

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