Taupe Eye Shadow And The Fashionable Taupe Smokey Eyes To Try For Spring Night Parties


Taupe eyeshadow

To get the perfect taupe eyeshadow makeup look, we would want you to first invest in MAC Satin Taupe. Why? This is because the product has a frosty touch to it, much on the lines of taupe eyeshadow in gray browns and you can use it to create unlimited looks on your eyes. There are many that have sported the taupe eyeshadow in the same way, and with a golden touch to bring about an intense sexy golden brown look as well on the outer V corner of the eyes. You may also play along with warm tones such as burgundy and plums on the contour of the eyes to help accentuate the eye makeup as well. But that was for evening party looks; to use taupe eyeshadows for the daytime saga or office, you can use black shadow along with a liner as well and intensify the look with mascara on the lashes.

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Taupe color eyeshadows

Best Taupe Eyeshadow Makeup Ideas

1. For a very smokey sultry look at work, you can wear a dark yet subtle shade from your taupe eyeshadow palette, and use matte taupe eyeshadow for layering because shiny eyelids at work is so not advisable. Here’s a step-by-step taupe eye makeup tutorial to use.

Best taupe eyeshadow

2. If there is an after-office party to attend and you don’t have the time to redo your eye makeup, you can play with a hint of rainbow blues over the taupe eye makeup you already have, and make heads turn.

Taupe eyeshadow palette

3. For women who have hazel to light green or light gray eyes and would want their eyes to be outstanding, the best taupe makeup touch would be to gently taupe the lids and not overdo the same. A light highlighting shimmer touch for the lower lash line would be perfectly fine to wear. It helps enhance the look and pops the eyes out too.

Matte taupe eyeshadow

4. For a girls night out and when you want to look seductively hot, apply the taupe makeup for the eyelids as shown below. To make the look for the night come through, look for emerald green eye shadow and dab it on the ball or the socket of the lids and smudge it into the skin

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6. We told you about the emerald green taupe makeup for the eyes, but if you want it to be bolder than that, a shiny green in chalky tones can be used on the socket of the eyelids. Dab the pigment and smudge well to form the much needed hollow.

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Pink taupe eyeshadow for women

7. Gold and purple taupe eyeshadow or pink taupe eyeshadow would make an interesting combination. With either pink or purple being smudged just below the crease lines and into the socket of the eyelids, you could use a hint of smokey taupe with shimmer to accentuate the look for receptions and weddings.

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Pink taupe eyeshadow for lady

8. One can even play with violet tones and create the best smokey taupe eyes. Here is a step by step pictorial guide on how to do so. Take a look and emulate the same, maybe at the Lohri festival this time!

Bronze taupe eyeshadow

9. If you were wondering how to create the seductive sunset look with taupe touches for your eyes, here is your answer. The entire lid gets a bath with bronze taupe eyeshadow, and the socket of the eyelids are touched with a hint of glitter.

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Taupe grey eyeshadow

10. To play with various shades of gray and to bring out the taupe grey eyeshadow, one can chunk it up with a soft touch of shimmer all over the charcoal gray taupe eyeshadow and end it with a black liner.

Taupe color eyeshadow

Do write in and let us know which of the looks you loved and if you know of other brands that offer the best taupe coloreyeshadow palettes!

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