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Wine Workout: A Workout That’s Right For New Age Girls

by Fashionlady
Wine Workout For Women

Wine Workout

Generally speaking, workouts are meant to make you sweat and toil. That is the intention of burning calories, right? Could you ever imagine workouts making you cool (ten times over) and maybe just drunk?

Skip the lines at the gym or the last minute option of getting through the traffic in time for a Zumba as I shall be talking about wine workout. Yes I know it might be of interest to many of you, particularly those who have the urge or the fascination to go and gulp drinks over the weekend with or without friends.

When two women (even one would do) do their push-ups, sit-ups and lunges with a bottle of wine by their side for fitness and motivation, it definitely translates into an effective wine workout. Actually, exercise and alcohol go hand in hand and if the former leads to the latter, then all the more reason to enjoy both.

Here is a cool and funky holiday workout wine opener tank top to get you motivated. Isn’t it cool?

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Holiday workout wine opener

How Did Wine Workout Happen

At a research done at the University of Alberta, Canada, scientists came to the conclusion that red wine has a substance called resveratrol which can bring you the same benefits as the one you get out of exercising for 1 hour. That is the magic of red wine exercise or having wine after workout or a holiday workout wine.

This discovery I would say is a huge relief to those of you who are not big lovers of gym. So what, if you don’t like to spend hours at the gym burning calories; the very thought of drinking a glass of good old red wine at home might push you to do more of the wine workout in the comfort of home itself. It gives you enjoyment and health both. Top researchers say that the results obtained from drinking 1 glass of red wine is actually comparable to doing 1 hour of cross-training.

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Wine workout

Genius Mom Who Invented Wine Workout

Meet 24-year old Northern California mom April Storey. She is a trainer and fitness educator who posts several helpful tips and workout videos on social media. And yes, she invented a wine workout which became a viral craze for fitness enthusiasts.

It was around New Year’s Eve, that April Storey was getting ready to film a video, a workout video, to be precise. That was when she was struck by a funny idea – to incorporate bottles of red wine into her video.

According to Storey, “I was getting ready to a workout, and I saw the wine there and I’m like “You know, that would be kind of funny to incorporate wine into this workout video.” Incidentally, Storey uses many items of everyday use in her workouts, not just alcohol.

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So finally, Storey made a video using wine as dumbbells, and then she uploaded it on Facebook and Instagram. Thus was born the “wine workout”.

Such is her hunger to promote healthy living through videos that Storey’s attempt deserves a salute. She says, “What I want to show people with my videos is that fitness is something you can do every day, you can do it anywhere, and you can use anything.”

Storey’s video took off after George Takei, the Star Trek actor went ahead and shared it with his 9 million FB followers. It was from there, when it was picked up by a Facebook page interestingly named ‘Once Upon a Wine’. The share was viewed over 18 million times and was able to grab 240,000 shares.

So how did you find the concept of wine workout – groovy or healthy? Send us your comments on our FB, Twitter and Google Plus social networks. But yes, I would like to add a word of caution – don’t get into the habit of overindulgence in drinking alcohol. Rather, wine, dine and workout.
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