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Beat The Winter Sabotage Using 5 Best Summer Exercises To Burn Those Calories

by Fashionlady
Best summer exercise for women

Best summer exercise

So the lovely festival season and the climes of nip and chill are over and done with, and we almost have spring skipped too. Here comes the summer months, and we have to brace ourselves for the heat, the pollution, the dust and grime. If you have been following our posts religiously, we did tell you how to eat healthy and drink healthy while the winters were on, because as we all know winter is a time when the body needs a lot of calories to get energy and stay warm. If you have sabotaged this with sinful indulging of chocolates, cakes, pastries, mithais and cookies, here is your chance to win that slim and lean body back with the best summer exercises.

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The Best Summer Exercise Ideas

Start your spring cleaning and get those cottons out of the closet to wear, but also remember that sadly some of them may show too much of the flab we have gained or may not fit as they used to. So let’s use the best summer exercises to get back in shape and to be HEALTHY too! These summer exercises can be easily done at home and should be done for half an hour everyday!

Summer Exercise Ideas

1. Squats

Imagine sitting on an invisible chair. This is what squats are all about. Stand straight against the wall and gently pretend to sit. Go half way down and deep breathe, and then go down further and sit on your haunches in the Indian position. Gently stand up and relax for a second. Repeat ten times and then wait for a minute. Squats are best to trim the tummy fat, the hamstring flab and the hip fat too. We would ask you to follow the info chart as below, since you maybe a beginner and wouldn’t want to stress your body too much.

Best summer exercises

2. Sit Ups

Remember being punished back in school where our teachers would ask us to do sit ups? This is what we have to do sans the thought of being punished. We would ask you to sit and stand for ten times to being with. Check your breathing and keep a tab on it. Should you have cardiovascular issues, kindly check with your doctor first and then head on to do this exercise. Two sets would be more than enough to adhere to.


Summer exercise to lose weight

3. Plank

Planks are the best way to tone the arms, the chest, the stomach and the hamstrings. For this you would first need to lie down belly wise flat. Now gently with your elbows, make a standing pose whilst lying on the floor mat. Raise the body and with the tips of the toes go perpendicular to the floor. Hold for as long as you can, in most cases ten seconds to begin with while you suck in your stomach and deep breathe at the same time. Gently release every part of the body and lie down flat on the stomach. Repeat the action ten times and then relax.

Summer exercise to lose weight for women

4. Wall Sit

This should be done in two sets and for sixty seconds per set. Stand with your back stuck to the wall. Imagine being plastered to the wall. Now slowly drag yourself into a seated position and hold on to that pose for a couple of seconds. This helps bring strength and energy to the lower torso zone and the hips. The pose also helps to drain out extra calories and helps firm the abs too.

Best summer exercise for health

5. Step Jogging

Simple and easy, wear your jogging shoes and start jogging in one place. With every move, try raising the thigh to try and touch your hands that would be parallel to your bust line. Start with twenty jogs and then move on to fifty. You can do as many as you want, without going breathless. Repeat thrice with a minute break per set.


We hope these summer exercise ideas will help you lose weight and bring back that body you so desire to have. Try out these summer exercises to lose weight at home and let us know the results!

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