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Interesting And Surprising Facts About Hazel Eyes

by Fashionlady
Hazel Eyes For Women

Hazel Eyes

We all know the saying that the eyes are the windows to the soul. Your eyes convey your inner emotion to the person who looks at you. However, did you know that like your zodiac sign provides information about you, the color of your eyes also speaks volumes about you?

Eye color plays an import role in your overall beauty and personality. No wonder people take to colored lenses to add an edge to their personality. One of the most mesmerizing colors of eyes is the hazel! Basically a combination of green, brown, blue and even gray, Hazel eyes are a rare breed and just a few lucky people on this earth have it.

Here, we try to unravel few mysteries and interesting facts about this mesmerizing and rare eye color:

Science Behind Hazel Eyes

One of the least understood eye color; hazel eyes are semi-rare and are a combination of several colors which includes green and brown. Scientifically, eye color is a function of genetics and heredity. Eye colors are predominantly influenced by the pigmentation of the iris and how light scatters around it. The pigment responsible for eye-color is melanin which is a complex polymer formulated from the amino acid, tyrosine. An interesting Hazel eyes fact is that they have more melanin than blue eyes but less than brown. The hazel eyes are also the result of the phenomenon, Rayleigh scattering i.e. the way a light scatters over any object after riding its spectrum wavelength. It is genetics here that decides how light would break across the melanin base to ooze hazel color. The Hazel eye colour has been the much talked about eye colour and here is a detailed insight on it.

Where Do Hazel Eyes Come From?

Compared in terms of number, there are more brown eyes than hazel eyes though they outnumber green eyes. The Hazel eye colour is more commonly encountered in the United States and the European countries. They are a rare occurrence in Asia and Africa where the brown eye color rules.

We already spoke about eye color changing during our life. 15% of people are known to manifest it during puberty. Even brown eyes dull down to hazel while aging. Because of the dynamic color change, identifiable eye colors are safely teamed up in the hazel eye bracket.

What Determines Hazel Eye Color?

By now, you know that its heredity that determines your actual eye color. According to genetic research, there are almost about 16 genes passed from the parents to the child that determines the eye color. This makes predicting eye color a next to impossible task. The final eye color is decided by the interaction and expression of various genes. It is this interaction that makes both parents having blue eyes, conceive a brown eyed child. Other factors which impact eye color are pigmentation of the iris and the dispersion of light around the iris. Moreover, eye color is known to change dramatically in the first few years of a person’s life, this is not in regard with only hazel eye facts but any color of eyes for that matter.


What Causes Hazel Eyes?

Hazel eyes are basically manifested because of a dominant gene. The pigmented structure of melanin surrounding the pupil and known as iris, lend the eye its color. Initially, one may find many white non-Hispanic babies with blue eyes as enough melanin is not yet present in their eyes at birth. However, as they grow, if enough melanin gets produced, the blue eyes may turn to green, hazel or brown. Brown eyes have maximum melanin while green and hazel have less melanin produced during development period. It’s interesting to note that there are no actual blue, hazel or green pigments present in the eye. It is just varying proportion of melanin which is dark brown in color.

This dark brown pigment absorbs different wavelengths of light entering the eye and scatters and reflects them via iris. Here, it is interesting to note that some wavelengths scatter more easily compared to others. Obviously, eyes with higher concentration of melanin absorb more light and scatter and reflect less to lend brown eye color.

With lesser concentration of melanin, less light is absorbed and more is scattered and reflected by the iris. Since blue and green light waves have shorter wavelengths and scatter more easily than the longer red light wavelength; these eyes appear green or hazel. Moreover, since melanin is not equally distributed over the iris, you find hazel eyes appearing light brown towards the pupil and getting green towards the periphery of the iris.

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Hazel Eyes And Intensity Changes

Science states that the eye color changes in response to varying light conditions for some seconds. The same holds true for hazel eyes. However, the intensity of color depends on several other factors too, like sunlight, health, atmospheric conditions etc. The color of hazel eyes can change to bright green, dazzling emerald, seaweed amber to even gray. Below are some interpretations on factors that influence the color intensity changes in hazel eyes.

1. Time of day

The light from the celestial orb i.e. the sun leaves a deep impact on the eye color and its intensity. The light intensity is different at different times of the day. The iris receives the sunlight via the solar spectrum which has different segments and thus leaves a different influence on the color of the eyes. This is the major cause of light intensity changes of the eye.

2. Lighting conditions

When indoors, the light bulbs and neon lights creating the artificial light, also changes the eye color! Few shades of hazel get more amplified under their impact than others.

3. Clothing & segment around you

Everything colored around you including your clothing causes the color intensity of your eyes to become stronger or weaker. They will all reflect from your eyes to ooze a different color vibe. For instance, a red dress will cause the eyes to come out as red-hazel while hues like gold, blues or greens will lend your eye color to go a shade or two darker!

4. Seasonal allergies or other forms of allergies

Any types of allergies including seasonal allergies tend to change the color intensity of hazel eyes. They can look reddish around the white of the eyeball. Even the eyes may turn baggy and puffy. Even when you slice onions, you may find your eyes turning red due to onion spice.

Hazel Eyes And Race

Owing to its heredity and mutation base, hazel colored eyes can be found in people of any race, even the Africans. However, hazel eyes constitute the genetic sequence of certain races from as far back as you can trace them. It is highly prevalent among people of Spanish, Muddle Eastern and North African descent. Other races show considerably less percentage of hazel eyes.

Hazel Eyes And Health Issues

Hazel eyes are characterized by less melanin. This makes them susceptible to the harmful rays of the sun. Owing to this, these eyes are more vulnerable to develop certain types of ocular cancers like the intra-ocular or uveal melanoma. This is the reason people with hazel eyes are strongly advised to venture out always with sunglasses offering strong UV protection.

Due to light eyes, hazel eyed people are also susceptible to medical conditions like ocular glaucoma degradation. Popularly known as the ‘silent thief of sight’, it is basically an eye disease which affects the optic nerve and one gradually loses vision over a period of time. Because of this, people with hazel eyes should regularly undergo eye-checkup at regular intervals from a very young age.

Hazel eyes are also vulnerable to macular degeneration. Here the light sensing cells within the central area of vision i.e. macula get damaged and die gradually leading to loss of vision.

People with hazel eyes are also predisposed to digestive and respiratory problems. They are thus required to be extra careful to maintain a healthy diet and regularly detoxify their body.

People with hazel eyes are also prone to anxiety and panic attacks. Their pain threshold is also supposedly lower than others.

Hazel Eyes Myths

Not only are hazel eyes rare but they are also the most misunderstood eye color. Have fun with some of the common misnomers associated with hazel eyes. Check out:

  • It is believed that people with hazel eyes tend to be more attractive.
  • People with hazel eyes are smarter.
  • Hazel eyes women tend to be very sexy while men can be boldly intimate.
  • Because of their innate sexual aura and energy, hazel eyes people make for better lovers.
  • The spirituality in hazel eyed people is quite high.
  • People with hazel eyes tend to be mischievous
  • Alternately, these people are unpredictable and fun-loving just like the unpredictability of their eye color.
  • These people have an outgoing nature and are normally approachable and welcoming.
  • Most hazel eyed people are born under a water sign.

Hazel Eyes Make-Up

Because of their ever changing color hues, hazel eyes are considered the most beautiful eyes present in the world. However, its makeup requires some extra care to accentuate its best side as they change shade the most, depending on the clothes worn and makeup applied. If you are a lucky hazel eyed beauty, follow the below mentioned hazel eye makeup tips to floor everybody.

  • Almost all color variations of eye shadows complement hazel eyes except possibly blue-grey ones. However, you must try them as even they work sometimes.
  • While you can never go wrong with a black eye-liner; you have the flexibility to experiment more with hazel eyes. A deep purple will lend a more blue effect to your eyes while taupe, green, brown or gold liners can accentuate the green of your eyes.
  • Considering the beauty of hazel colored eyes, you must always remember to choose lip colors that complement them instead of overpowering them. Copper or shimmery gold tones help to accentuate the brown of your eyes while you can complement the purple eye-shadow with red, pink, berry, coral and mauve shades on your lips.
  • The mix of beige and caramel eye-shadows creates a stunning effect on hazel eyes and draws its green hue out beautifully. The lavender and plum shades also work similar and help you dress to kill.
  • Metallics and pastels are considered the best tones for hazel eyes. Gold is one color that owns hazel eyes. Adding gold shimmer in the eye-shadow highlights the flecks beautifully.
  • Apart from black, dark brown and purple mascaras are wonderful to draw attention to the eyes. Curling your eye-lashes adds to the effect.
  • No make-up of hazel eyes is complete without the use of bronzer. Sweeping it lightly over your forehead, nose and cheekbones blending them well adds warmth to your face and accentuates hazel eyes.
  • In general, hazel eye colored people should avoid too much use of blue. You can use it if your eyes are more on the brown side but try to avoid them if your eyes are towards the green side as it would clash with your eye-color. In contrast, just about any shade of brown works spectacularly for hazel eyes.

Hazel Eyes Makeup

Celebrities With Hazel Eyes

Some of the hottest male as well as female celebrities from sports, entertainment etc. flaunt hazel colored eyes. Due to their versatility, they look absolutely different and unique on each. While it’s difficult to list all, we mentioned a few below for you to check out:

  • Kelly Clarkson, singer and winner of American Idol.
  • Steve Carell, TV actor
  • Jared Padalecki, actor
  • Britney Spears, singer, dancer and actress
  • Jennifer Lopez, actress
  • David Beckham, actor
  • Tyra Banks, producer
  • Angelina Jolie, actress
  • Kevin Jones, Jonas brothers
  • Emma Roberts, actress
  • Alexa PenaVega, actress
  • Ashley Greene, actress
  • Hayden Panettiere, actress
  • Rachel Mcadams, actress
  • Sophia Bush, actress
  • Phoebe Tonkin, actress
  • Jason Statham, actor
  • Dianna Agron, actress
  • Shad Moss, actor
  • Heidi Klum, producer
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Cory Monteith, actor
  • Zendaya, actress
  • Zachary, actor
  • Nikki Reed, actress
  • Adam Brody, actor
  • Ben Affleck, producer
  • Raven Symone, black actress
  • Tami Roman, dark skin actress

Kelly Clarkson - Hazel Eyed Celebrity

The list is endless.

Change Your Eye Color To Hazel

Considering the beauty associated with hazel eyes, it is understandable that many wish for hazel eyes. There are many ways in which you can fulfill your wish. However, precautions should always be borne in mind.

Few methods are:

  • Wearing a colored contact lens is probably the best way to indulge in your passion for hazel eyes. Even though almost all shades of hazel eyes contact lens are available, the right choice would depend on the actual color of your eyes. Those with light eyes should wear a ‘lens’ with an ‘enhancement tint’. These have translucent color to facilitate some of your natural color to show through. In all other cases, you can wear the ‘opaque tint’ where your natural eye color is hidden completely. It is best to make this choice with the help of an eye-care professional.
  • For those who want to permanently have hazel eyes, also opt for surgery. However, eye being a delicate organ and the process being quite under the scanner, this requires some thinking. You can opt for it but only after intense thinking and once you are ready to face consequences, both good and bad.
  • Be surprised to know that even the food that you eat can help you change the eye color. Raw beech honey dew is often dropped in the eyes to change its color. Mixing equal proportions of honey and water and placing 2-3 drops of it in the eyes twice a day can change the dark eyes color to hazel. However, this is an extremely slow process and takes time. This happens because of the hydrogen peroxide content of raw honey which is not only an antiseptic but naturally inhibits melanin production too. Remember to not use laboratory hydrogen peroxide as you might lose your eyesight.

There is still so much left to be discovered about eye colors. However, it is also advisable to not connect aspects of your self-worth with eye color and simply enjoy your hazel eyes!

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Sucheta Banerjee June 22, 2017 - 2:06 pm

My eye color has changed to hazel.. Previously it was brownish.. Is there any problem?

Kanika Kothari June 23, 2017 - 10:51 am

There are various reasons for the pupil of the eye to change colour. One being, the age factor. As you age, the colour may slightly change, this may be the reason of your eyes turning from brown to hazel.


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