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Ever Heard Of Purple Eyes (Alexandria’s Genesis)? Elizabeth Taylor Had It!

by Fashionlady
Elizabeth Taylor's Purple Eyes

Purple Eyes

For many decades now, the debate of whether there are people with Alexandria’s Genesis has been a heated talk. No one for sure knows if people with Alexandria’s Genesis exist! Some call it an urban legend, and the rest swear by their breath that they have seen someone or known someone with Alexandria’s Genesis. Even the scientific community is aware of Alexandria’s Genesis, but they don’t have a proof of whether people with purple eyes exist or not. This is why there are many speculations about Alexandria’s Genesis, and most want to know if this is a fact or fiction.

What Is Alexandria’s Genesis?

Alexandria’s Genesis, also known as purple eyes or violet eyes is a well known genetic mutation as told by the medical experts. An individual is born with natural blue or gray eyes, but over time change to purple. It is when the individual hits puberty, that the Alexandria’s Genesis strikes the most. It changes the color to a deeper royal hue- violet-bluish tones or darker than what it was. However, just because the hue gets darker, it doesn’t mean that the orbital functions of the eyes would be affected or impaired over time.

However, scientists say that men and women with Alexandria’s Genesis lack the following during puberty and adulthood:

  • Pubic hair growth
  • Body hair growth
  • Facial hair growth
  • Anal hair growth
  • Eyebrow hair growth
  • Some cases have shown that women with Alexandria’s Genesis do not menstruate as normally as other women with coloured eyes would.

In other medical research, it has been identified that there are various symptoms that are associated with Alexandria’s Genesis- white pale shimmery skin for example. Such skin types are prone to heavy sunburns, sun damage and tanning too. Alexandria’s Genesis is mostly found in women since the mutation among females has been reported more than males.

True or not; some believe that people with Alexandria’s Genesis can live past their 100th birthday. Ageing for such people seems to stop when they are around 50 years of age. People with Alexandria’s Genesis aren’t prone to weight gain and obesity, irrespective of the amount of calories they consume per day. Moreover, their immune system is strong, which means they hardly fall ill. Caucasians are mostly affected with Alexandria’s Genesis, however, with interracial marriages happening around the world; it could be anyone anywhere on this planet since multiple genes are now being distributed.

That was an overview at length about Alexandria’s Genesis, now let us take a look at the origin and history of Alexandria’s Genesis, shall we?

Origin of Alexandria’s Genesis

The talk on Alexandria’s Genesis has its roots dated back to 1000 years ago in the valley of Egypt. They say it was a mystical light that was seen flashing in the sky, which attracted the locals to come and watch. Whoever witnessed the light in person, had their skin turning into a pale tone and eyes into Purple- hence the name Alexandria- a town in Egypt. Mythology says that people with Alexandria’s Genesis are ‘spirit people’ and they moved north after the incident and eventually couldn’t be spotted by others too.

Around 1329 in England, the first recorded case of Alexandria’s Genesis was noted. It was when a newborn with the name Alexandria was born- purple eyes were her specialty. Alexandria went on to live 100 years says the records and she apparently had kids with the same colored eyes too. It was not until the late 1960s when the world realized what the real generic variant was which caused the happening of Alexandria’s Genesis.

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Doubts About Alexandria’s Genesis

History told us a lot about Alexandria’s Genesis, but most claim that this is a disorder and nothing else; otherwise one wouldn’t have purple eyes. One noted Hollywood celebrity back in the golden days- the gorgeous Elizabeth Taylor was famous for having Alexandria’s Genesis. But most critics often shunned such notions and said the celeb’s eyes weren’t due to Alexandria’s Genesis, but actually tended to look that color because of the light- her eyes were actually a dark shade of violet!

People With Purple Eyes

Some scientists claim that people with this condition have shortest life spans and some say longest. Some say Alexandria’s Genesis belongs to a certain race; mostly from Egypt and the surrounding regions and others say the opposite. Hence, a possible actual quote or number on the figures for Alexandria’s Genesis isn’t ruled out yet. Scientific evidence too says that gene variation possibilities could be the reason why Alexandria’s Genesis happens. This is because Alexandria’s Genesis has people with purple eyes and very pale-albino-like skin, which in medical terms and skin wise, it is a genetic mutation.

People With Purple Eyes

In most cases studied back in the day, Alexandria’s Genesis traits would be noted to have not risen from a single gene. Even if there are many with Alexandria’s Genesis living today, it would be interracial and multiple genes that spread Alexandria’s Genesis, say, medical experts.

The reasons why most scientists say that Alexandria’s Genesis is not possible to exist are:

  • The body doesn’t produce toxins to keep and store in the body; a build up of the same would lead to the death of the human being.
  • It is impossible for pale skin to not burn under the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Melanin is absent and hence the skin wouldn’t be protected, and wouldn’t darken when the sun rays hit it.
  • They say that the one with Alexandria’s Genesis lives way past 100 years of age, and most of them above 150 years of age- the only case so far has someone with 122 years of age and with Alexandria’s Genesis.

The severe lack of pigmentation in the eye can cause albinism, but Alexandria’s Genesis is all about mutation in the genes, say medical experts. People with Alexandria’s Genesis would be affected visually when the rays of the sun hit their eyes because of iris sensitivity, say experts. Yes, some of them wouldn’t have hair on the body. It is not only because of Alexandria’s Genesis but also because of Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome – mostly in women. Talking about the lack of hair mostly happening in women- such women as shown by scientific records are infertile- they lack uteri. This is why the thought or the existence of Alexandria’s Genesis people across the world has been debunked by most of the scientific communities.

The Real Reason Behind Purple Eyes

Purple eyes can be caused not only due to Alexandria Genesis, which we have spoken about at length but also due to Albinism.

Yes, Alexandria Genesis could also be caused due to a skin disease called albinism. This disease happens when the pigment melanin in the skin is very low in amounts or absent. Science has thus associated albinism with Alexandria Genesis. And furthermore, it is said if even people with blue eyes have an eye injury due to the harmful rays of the sun, the eyes turn a dark shade of purple over time.

What Percentage Of The World Has Purple Eyes?

We really don’t have enough empirical evidence of the number of people with Alexandria’s Genesis around the world. Medical experts are still debating if Alexandria’s Genesis is a fact or fallacy!

Can People Be Born With Purple Eyes?

An individual is born with natural blue or gray eyes, but over time the eyes change to purple. It is when the individual hits puberty, that the Alexandria’s Genesis strikes the most. It changes the color to a deeper royal hue- violet-bluish tones or darker than what it was.

Famous Celebrities with Purple Eyes

While we talk about Alexandria Genesis or purple eyes, we did try looking out for celebs that have the same condition; one name that featured across many debates and talks was that of the yesteryear golden age Hollywood diva, Elizabeth Taylor. While many critics said she wore lenses, her close confidantes begged to disagree. If you take a close look at the classic movies Cleopatra and Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Wolf; the actress has been seen with deep purplish-violet eyes. She wasn’t wearing contact lenses for sure; contact lenses came about in the late 1980s. Hence the debate back then was settled as the diva being the only famous personality with Alexandria Genesis.

Famous Celebrities with Purple Eyes

Makeup Tips for Purple Eyes

At Fashion Lady, we really want you to be gorgeous and beautiful always. Hence, if you have purple eyes or wear lenses in that hue, your eye makeup choices should be apt and stunning. You can accentuate the eye makeup by using complimentary colors that would make the purple eyes stand out. When you know your undertone and the dominant color of your eyes, you will then know how to apply makeup the right way. If you have gold reflects in your purple iris like some women do, applying brown or golden eye shadow on light notes would be best. If the undertone of your skin is bluish green and your eyes are purple, you can use a light purple eye shadow. Since purple eyes are rare, it would be best to stick to very light hues for eye makeup and not overdo it.

Makeup Tips for Purple Eyes

Common Purple Eye Diseases

Purple eyes are no different from other colored eyes but are extremely sensitive to the harsh rays of the sun since they cannot handle the UV rays. If proper protection in the form of dark shades isn’t worn when going out, chances are that the eyes would not be able to handle the glare and bright lights outside. There could be retinal detachment as well. This is because the melanin is absent and there is no protection to the iris from the UV rays. One should always be in touch with their eye doctor or the optometrist, as only he can tell you best about the conditions and what to do to make sure your purple eyes are healthy.

If you have albinism and purple eyes together, it means that the pigment of the eyes, the hair, and the skin are almost nil. This is why the light from the sun bounces to the back of the eyes and reflects softly as it would in other colors for eyes. The light reflects because there are very low counts of blood vessels behind the retina. Thus, it can also make the eyes look reddish purple in some cases, or bluish purple; blame it on the lack of melanin and as mentioned, the bouncing off of the light when it hits the iris. This is why, when we take photos of anyone, we see red eyes- explains it clearly, since light doesn’t have an exit path.

Common Purple Eye Diseases

What Is The Science Behind Eye Color Changes?

Most people with cool toned eyes- green, hazel or blue have reported that their eye colors change over time. Some of the reasons why this happens are:

  1. Lighting
  2. The clothes they wear
  3. The kind of makeup
  4. Their mood too

Green and blue eyes are colors that are born of the quality and the quantity of the light they receive, and not from the pigment. Refer to the color wheel in our previous posts where we spoke about the primary colors. In the same way, lighting conditions too play a great role in the quality of the eye and the change of color thereof. Even your mood can be a reason why the color of your eye changes over time, say experts. But remember, it is not the melanin quantity that changes, but the way the light reflects when it bounces into the iris of the eyes and scatters around.


What Is The Science Behind Eye Color Changes

With babies, the eye color isn’t constant in the first years of its life. Even the myth of putting honey in your eyes to change your eye color is gibberish. Honey can inflame the cornea, which is harmful and that is why there is a temporary eye color change. The iris is a complex zone of the eyes, and eye color changes happen when there are drastic overtime changes of pigmentation, the texture, fibrous tissue and even with the blood vessel movements within the iris zone and the stroma too.

For example, heterochromia happens when one individual has two different eye colors, different from one eye to the next for the same pair. This is because of the uneven distribution of melanin.
We hope by now you have found in-depth information about Alexandria Genesis. Purple eyes are rarest of the rare as we have mentioned and informed. And whether people with purple eyes exist or not, is debatable. But if you do choose to wear makeup with purple eye lenses, we have given you a few tips on how to do so. Do write in with your thoughts.

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