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In 3 Minutes Create That Perfect Metallic Smokey Eyes You Always Wanted

by Fashionlady
Metallic Smokey Eye

Metallic Smokey Eyes

If you’ve been lusting over Kareena Kapoor’s smokey eyes, it’s time you learnt how to do the same. And believe us when we say metallic smokey eyes can be done in less than three minutes. All you need is some practice and the metallic smokey eye would stay all night long.

This Isn’t A Fairy Tale!

We aren’t kidding here about the metallic smokey eye tutorial that we would talk about, and which can be done in three minutes. The tutorial we would share with you along with some tips would be easy to do and with neutral effects that too.

Metallic Smokey Eye Tutorial

source: hairmakeupstyles.com

Colors To Be Chosen!

  1. Purples
  2. Greys
  3. Navy blues
  4. Black
  5. White liner

Or you could choose any color of your choice!

Metallic Smokey Eye For Women

source: ulta.com

What You Need

  1. A nice mascara
  2.  An eye lash curler
  3.  Cotton
  4.  A blending brush
  5. Cream shadow stick
Eyeliner Stencil For Metallic Smokey Eyes

source: buyincoins.com

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Here’s The Tutorial

  1. Use an eyeshadow primer to begin with since it would help to brighten up the eyes
  2. Use a brown cream stick shadow to draw an eyelid on the crease, and smudge it with a black touch till the outer corner of the eyes, just a little to form a soft V.
  3. Grab hold of the shadow and apply it in a dabbing effect from the mid section of the eyes to the outer corner, which makes the eyes look deep and nice and forms the crease of the eyes too.
  4. Use a darker eye shadow in the middle section of the eyes, and then blend with the brush towards the outside of the eyes.
  5. With the help of the cream shadow, draw the soft V once again on the outer section of the eyelid and then with the brush, smudge it.
  6. Use an eyelash curler and curl the eyes.
  7.  Apply mascara on the lower and upper lashes. But first dip the spoolie in the cotton ball and then into the mascara pot. The spoolie has more fibres now to extend the lashes.
  8. For the inner corner of the eyes, use a light shadow to highlight the eyes, and the same should be done under the brow section of the eyes.
  9. Apply thick dark kohl on the upper and the lower lid for a dramatic effect to come through.
  10. Apply mascara once again and let it set

Done in three minutes!

Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorials For Beautiful Eyes

source: weddbook.com

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When Doing The Eye Brows

Eyebrows are the most important feature on the face and has to be done well. You need to ensure that the right shade of shadow or pencil is used to shape them up. Always use a shade lighter than the natural color of your brows, which doesn’t make the eyebrow hair look starky and harsh. Shape the brows with a pencil for perfection.

Perfect Metallic Smokey Eyes

source: musely.com

When Doing Eye Makeup

The right way to apply eye makeup would be to apply the shadow which is lightest first, from the inner corner of the eyelid to the mid section. Then the medium dark shadow from the mid to the outer corner of the eyes, and then the darkest from the crease to the soft V shape on the outer corner of the eyes; blending is the key here.

Smokey Eye Makeup For Women

source: vincentlongo.com

The metallic smokey eye is a new-age trend, and one that is taken from the classy smokey eye look of the sixties. The look with metallic smokey eye makeup is a very trendy one and can be perfect to wear for festivals such as diwali. It would match the ethnic look you plan to dress up in and make you look super gorgeous.


Metallic Smokey Eye Makeup For Beauty

source: maybelline.com

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