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Must Have Beauty Tools Every Girl Must Own

by Fashionlady
Must Have Beauty Products

Must Have Beauty Tools

Accept it ladies! Your beauty bag spills out way more about you than you may think. Not only does it house your favorite palette of eye shadows, liners or lip colors, but also the beauty tools that can help you make or break a look.

We all have come across blunders like unblended foundation line, overgrown eyebrows, uneven eyeliners and what not. Without appropriate tools in the beauty arsenal, anyone can fall prey to these faux pas.

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Important Beauty Tools To Own

We have put together a list of must have beauty tools that every savvy shopper must have to achieve salon like results with their own turf and tools.

Best Beauty Tools

Source: ageistbeauty.com

1. Eyeliner Stencils

Are you tired of having messy uneven eyeliner lines and smudges? If yes, this unconventional product is just for you. Eyeliner stencils are available in a variety of shapes and sizes with the medium cat eye stencil being the most popular one. They are fairly simple to use and yield excellent results.

Eyeliner stencils

Source: aliexpress.com

Tip: Still have a messy eyeliner smudge? Did you forget to clean the stencil before reusing it? Fret not! Dab some makeup remover (or baby lotion) over a Q-tip to remove the smudges without much-a-do. Remember to disinfect your stencils and brushes from time-to-time to minimize the chances of eye infections.

2. Blackheads Removal Tool

Do you have an irresistible urge to pop each and every blackhead and zit off your face with your fingers? If yes, then control it. Popping blackheads with bare unkempt nails can lead to infection and has the potential to turn your face into a warring faction. Hence, it would be wise to invest in a good quality blackhead remover tool to exfoliate the pores without irritation.

Blackheads Removal Tool

Source: visihow.com

Tip: Remember to disinfect and sterilize the blackhead remover tool after every single use. We would recommend you to choose a tool with a smooth surface as this would minimize the spaces for deposits and make them easy to clean.


3. Facial Hair Removal Tool

Spotting a woman with facial hair can be such a big turn off. So, ladies you need to keep yourself groomed at any given time. Does that mean you need to spend a ton of money on laser hair removal sessions? No! Do we need expensive salon tips? No! you need a few facial hair removal tools:

Facial Hair Removal Tools

Source: walmart.com

A. Tweezers: Tweezers are one of the must have beauty tools. They typically have a tong like appearance with flat ended legs that are capable of zapping out the toughest hair off your face. Their flat convex edges make them precise enough to remove each hair follicle separately without much effort.

must have beauty tool

Source: tweezersplus.com

B. Coiled Facial hair remover tool: Do you have a peach fuzz beard that you wish to get rid of? If yes, the coiled tweezers are just meant for you. This must have beauty tool gives you the power to pull out facial hair from the roots with using the whacky wax or thread. This facial hair removal tool might look a little weird. But, it does its job well without causing much pair.

lip plumping tool

Source: pinterest.com

Caution: The lip plumping tool might not offer a permanent fix. But it works perfectly for a night out.

Tip: Remember to rinse the lip plumping tool with mouth-wash before and after usage to keep it free from germs.

5. Face Slimming Tools

Women have been longing for slender necks and moderately lifted facial contour for ages now. The neoprene mask can be the perfect go-to solution. While, the mask may not look too charming on its own it is a proven way to uplift the contours of the face while you run through your daily rut. You could adore your “power ranger” mask while doing the dishes, reading a booking or even while watching TV.

Face slimming tools

Source: aliexpress.com

Tip: Though the manufacturers claim that one size fits all, but it may not hold true every single time. So make sure you try out a face slimming neoprene mask before sealing the deal.

So, how many of these beauty tools do you own? If you are missing any, just rush to the store and make sure you are well stocked. Who knows may be your Prince Charming could ask you for an impromptu night out!

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