Pick The Right Shimmer Lotions And Wear This Must-Have Essential Right!


Shimmer Lotions

You’ve seen our beach babes wear it, the VS models sashay in it and you have also seen our celebs worldwide flaunt it, and this is why a must-have product in your vanity stash has to be shimmer lotions.

Wearing sparkles all the way on your skin isn’t for the evenings alone, or for the parties where you would want to draw attention to some parts of your body. And it is not OTT as well, nor is it gaudy too, something that the old school demeans the fashion world with. shimmer lotions for sure are a rage, and a cosmetic product that shouldn’t be called tacky or taken for granted.

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Love your makeup and it would love you back, and believe us when we say, shimmer lotions would not look tacky or shabby, only if you know how to feather brush them right. The look comes about as glitzy and sensational for the nights out, for the evenings at the pubs or maybe on a date too without sending out the wrong message.

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Body shimmers send out a reflecting light that makes the smallest of imperfections in the skin not noticeable. shimmer body lotions help the skin look youthful, flawless and brings about a tantalizing glow to the skin as well, making you look like a diva. Isn’t that what you aim to be at the events you have been invited to?

Is It Safe?

Yes it is, only if you pick up the best body shimmer lotion from the best brands, because they know the right amounts of fine shimmer to add to the lotions and potions that bring about the best natural looking tone to the skin. This results in a sheen which is easily worn and one that doesn’t make your body look tacky too.

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The formula used wouldn’t make the skin look gray and dark, it would rather bring about an instant golden glow and a very natural lightness to the skin tone too. Moreover, we have a range of skin tones in India to celebrate, which shimmer body lotions can gel well into.


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Most glitter lotions and shimmer glitter lotions work on a lightweight formula, with plenty of moisturizer in it that makes your skin smooth and soft, lustrous and radiant too, so there’s nothing to worry about using such shimmer products. The market is filled with a range of brands to choose from, and your skin would be left looking awesome and great as well.

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The amalgamation of micro sparkles and beautiful sheen on the body makes the skin glow with a suitable shine that you would like to wear. But when applying the body shimmer spray or lotion, make sure to be very gentle with the application and to apply it on every exposed part of the body before wearing your dress. This helps accentuate features you would like to flaunt the most.

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The attractive look comes by more when you use the body moisturizer with shimmer, closest to the eyes and the cheekbones, the arms and the cleavage or near the midriff too, which is why at bridals, most makeup artists want their brides to experiment with shimmer along with their bridal wear.

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Final Words

You can go ahead and wear shimmer body lotions for all seasons and reasons. And you can wear body lotions with shimmer for all skin types too. However, if you have very dry or very sensitive skin, we would ask you to speak with your skin specialist first and seek an approval on using shimmering body cream or lotions.

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You now could have the ashy effect on your skin or maybe the sun kissed glow everyday, but only when you know how to wear the shimmering body cream or lotion the right way. The next time though, we would like to work with you on how to wear shimmer lotions, please stay in touch and check our posts for the same!


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