Oil Bath Benefits: Debunking Age Old Indian Beauty Treatments


Not long ago, may be a generation or two, the tradition of ‘oil bath’ either daily or weekly was into regular practice. I am not sure about your childhood but I can vouch how taking oil bath used to be one of the most hated things for me and my brother during our childhood, but neither my mom nor grandma used to pity on us and instead forced us to have this healthcare benefit which I realized quite lately.

Apart from the health benefits, this practice had deep rooted cultural values too. Since Saturday is devoted to Hindu God Shani Dev, it is considered auspicious for males to have oil bath on this day and Wednesday and for females, Tuesday and Friday are considered benign to take oil bath.

These days, very limited people follow this ritual, thereby forsaking this fantastic health beneficial tradition.

I bet many of my readers would have seen elderly people applying oil to body and hair half an hour before taking bath. This has been an important healthcare practice in India since time immemorial.

Apart from our Vedic preachings and Ayurvedic findings, bath oils have been around lot longer than we can even imagine. They are believed to date back to Stone Age, when people used to combine sesame oil with olive and some sort of fragrance, so as to have a soothing bathing experience.

If you dig up culture and lifestyle of any past civilization, you would surely come across some records hinting at the use of bath oils for luxury and aroma therapeutic benefits. Even in those days, people were aware of dry skin and its remedies.

With massive development in science, today the bath oils have undergone several refining processes only to give an enhanced effect to the skin. It is a well known factor that when water mixed with oil comes in contact with body, the oil tends to penetrate deep into skin tissue, thereby offering rejuvenation.

While oil bathing is commonplace in India, it is also seen being put in practice in countries including Canada, US and various European nations.

Apart from beauty treatments, there are several other benefits of oil bathing, which have been discovered lately.



Read on to find out oil bath benefits!

Cedarwood/Sandalwood/Rosewood – Any oil that is extracted from tree bark is incredibly soothing and grounding. These oils are more effective when used individually, rather than blending them together. Sandalwood in particular is timeless boon from Mother Nature for its fragrance as well as its calming properties. It works well in treating anxiety and has anti-depressant properties.

Rose – If I had to pick only one oil, it would be rose oil. This oil is extremely soothing as it gently uplifts the body, making it suitable to deal with anxiety or nervous tension. The best thing about rose oil is that it supports all skin types. So, people with dry and sensitive skin can also benefit from its restorative effects.

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  1. “Even though there has been no substantial evidence, still doctors are suggesting to have oil bath frequently to prevent skin cancer.”

    Really, which doctors? Do you have any links or just heard from your grandparents? Oil bath may indeed be good, but unsubstantiated statements like these make anything else you say “fake news”.


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