Oil Pulling Benefits and Method


Oil pulling, also known as oil swishing, is a traditional Ayurvedic medicine in which ‘extra virgin organic cold-pressed oil’ is either ‘swished’ around the mouth or ‘held’ inside the mouth. Though there is little official evidence regarding its healing qualities, people who practice it regularly claim that it can promote our oral health and take care of our overall system by pulling the toxic materials out of our mouth.

So, one of the oil pulling benefits definitely is to maintain oral health.

How To Do Oil Pulling – Step By Step Method

The process of oil pulling is a very simple and easy one. There is no hard and fast rule about how to do it the right way. Just make sure that you are not doing it vigorously. Here is the step-wise method you need to follow:

1. Get ready for oil pulling as soon as you wake up. It is the very first thing you should do in the morning. So, do not eat or drink anything (not even water).
2. Take a couple of tablespoons of organic oil and put it in your mouth.
3. ‘Swish’ and pull the oil all around your mouth by following a very natural and gentle movement. What you actually need to do is use it as a mouthwash and move it around your oral cavity by pulling it between the teeth.
4. Keep doing it in a relaxed manner for almost 20 minutes. Do not put too much pressure on your jaw muscles. Otherwise, they will become sore.
5. As you swish the oil, your saliva blends with it and the whole thing inside your mouth becomes whitish and runny. Once the time period is over and the oil is completely saturated with the toxins, simply twist your tongue and move it around the mouth cavity to pull the watery liquid out of it.


6. Spit it out completely. It is better to use a trash can for this purpose. Otherwise, simply go to the sink.
7. Now, take some fresh clean water and rinse your mouth properly. You can also dissolve some table salt into lukewarm water and swish with the concoction.
8. Finally, brush your teeth with a fluoride-free toothpaste and rinse well once again with fresh cold water. This way, your mouth will get rid of the remaining bacteria completely.

Initially, you may sense an urge to swallow the oil or the entire process might not be that pleasant for you. But once you get used to it, you will feel absolutely comfortable.

benifits of oil pulling
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Benefits of Oil Pulling

The benefits of oil pulling are not only limited to improved oral health. The most important perks of practicing oil pulling are listed below:

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1. Benefits of oil pulling for skin: Oil pulling is a highly effective cleansing method that helps in removing all sorts of toxic compounds from the mouth before they intoxicate the whole body.
2. Oral Benefits of oil pulling: The antioxidant content and essential fatty acids present in the oil can keep our teeth and gum healthy.
3. Oral Hygiene of oil pulling: You can increase your oral hygiene significantly through oil pulling, which eventually reduces or even eliminate the problem of bad breath.
4. Oil Pulling to Whiten Teeth: It works as a natural teeth whitening procedure that cleanses teeth by eradicating plaque. Hence, you get a bright, pearly-white smile.
5. Oil Pulling for Plague: It can help you keep gingivitis at bay, which is basically a periodontal disease caused by plaque.
6. Oil Pulling for Tooth Decay: Oil pulling destroys the bacteria Streptococcus Mutans in our mouth, which is known to be responsible for tooth decay. Therefore, you get problem-free, beautiful teeth.
7. Oil Pulling Therapy: As mouth is considered as the ‘gateway’ of germs to the body, cleansing it through oil pulling can prevent our whole body from getting contaminated. In short, it serves the purpose of a complete body detox, thereby reducing the possibilities of inflammation as well as diseases.
8. Oil pulling for skin: When no toxic compound flows into the bloodstream, our skin remains perfectly clear. You can easily get rid of various skin issues and look flawless.
9. Oil pulling therapy: The absence of toxins in our body helps the hormones work the right way. They do not need to deal with foreign substances i.e. toxins, As a result, no hormonal imbalance is caused.

Facts To Remember
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Oil Pulling Facts To Remember

  • Before you start practicing ‘oil pulling’, there are a few important factors to consider. Check out them below to throw all doubts about the technique away:
  • It is very much important to practice oil pulling in the morning only and that too on an empty stomach.
  • Usually, the process is done with coconut oil or sesame oil. However, you can go for any other oil (sunflower oil, olive oil, or any other vegetable oil) having antibacterial properties and mild taste.
  • Never ever swallow the liquid during or after pulling the oil. It will be loaded with bacteria and toxins that you actually want to wipe out.
  • In case you want your child to practice oil pulling, starts with (1/2) tablespoon of oil so that (s)he can get used to the procedure without swallowing the oil.
  • Always keep the toothbrush used for oil pulling separately. Clean and dry it immediately after use.
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The oil pulling benefits may vary from person to person depending upon the condition of his or her immune system. But whether it is one week or several weeks, you will definitely experience its positive effects one day.


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