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Who Wore Payal Singhal Better- Neha Dhupia or Surveen Chawla?

by Fashionlady
Who Wore better Neha Dhupia or Surveen Chawla

Who Wore Payal Singhal Better- Neha Dhupia or Surveen Chawla
Well, we can all vouch for Neha Dhupia’s sense of style, fashion, glamour and her ability to make an outfit work – no matter what it is.

But we can’t say the same about Surveen Chawla, yet. She is a newbie in the industry. She might have acted in teleseries but Bollywood is an entirely new realm. Not that we are selling Surveen Chawla any short. She has been here say a year? And has never disappointed us when it came to her wardrobe choices. That accounts to something, yeah?

But in all honesty, if Neha Dhupia is a veteran when it comes to fashion, Surveen Chawla is a fresher and it would be unfair to pitch them both against each other.

Now that the roles have been established, let’s take a look at these two beautiful ladies who have donned Payal Singhal outfits for their respective events. What you’ll see will surely surprise you! In a very pleasant way.

Neha Dhupia

At the launch of JM Marriot Sahar, Neha Dhupia opted for a gorgeous lush blush pink lehenga from Payal Singhal’s latest collection. She picked it straight off the runway and looked gorgeous in it! Her hair were pulled back in a sleek updo with a little pouf. The only jewellery she had on her were earrings and a bracelet. Both were ruby and polki. Her make-up was sultry and on point. Completing her look was a golden box clutch. We are fans!

neha dupia

source: highheelconfidential.com

Surveen Chawla


For the Punjab Icon Awards Surveen Chawla also opted for a Payal Singhal lehenga. But hers was an ash coloured with golden tinges. Which looked absolutely fantastic! Her hair were also pulled back in an updo minus the pouf. Her make up consisted of thick brows, smudgy eyes and ox-blood lips. Studs in her ears and a ring in her finger were the only accessories that she donned. Completing her look was a box clutch. The only thing that her outfit didn’t have was a duputta. But even without the duputta, she looked beautiful!

surveen chawla

source: highheelconfidential.com

Now, looking at them, can you say that Surveen is a newbie? Nope! She looks equally beautiful and this right here is an example that Fashion is innate and comes naturally!

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