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Polar Vortex Beauty Regime for Body, Hair & Skin

by Fashionlady

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You can’t stop hating the inhumane winters and are in the grumpiest & ugliest of your moods – We don’t blame you! This post is for all my dear readers who are literally shivering and reeling under the effects of Polar vortex. We know this crazy cold phenomenon has given you a succession of bad hair days, parched your skin and assaulted your lips.

But, it is time to throw out the heavy heating blanket and exercise woman power to fight for your lost beauty, glow and radiance. We bring to you a special beauty care regime designed for the cold, chilling, Polar-vortex struck winters

With the cold zapping your moisture reserves and leaving it absolutely dry & cracked, you need to follow these steps:

While taking a bath

Taking hot showers and steaming baths zaps your body of essential moisture. The trick to keep the moisture locked in and let the body be hydrated is:

  • Bring down the temperature of water and bath with moisturizing soaps like Dove
  • Utilize Cetaphil cleanser to keep your body clean and healthy
  • Pat your body dry with a towel and moisturize while the skin is still damp
  • Add 30-40 drops of essential oil made from lavender, jojoba or almond oil to hydrated your body
Before Dozing away

Use a quality moisturizer or enriching oils like olive and jojoba oils for your body. For those weather-beaten feet and roughened hands, use Vaseline Petroleum Cocoa Butter Jelly.

Apply these before you sleep and doze off into a relaxed slumber.

On your way out

Di d you know that runners have used this Vaseline for many years to protect their face from the harsh winter weather while being outside?

Serum for face – Apply a nice oil- free hydrating serum which locks in the moisture and maintains the skin’s natural oil production. You can apply a layer of this and top it with moisturizers and make-up. The serum has a matte-effect and blends in quickly into the face.

We recommend Kate Somerville Oil Free Face Hydrating Serum to keep your face moisturized and cure the dry patches. It even decreases fine lines, wrinkles and firms the skin.

Sunscreen – You might go – “Are you crazy – we are in the midst of the iciest, coldest winters ever. Where is the sun?” Even during the winter months, the UV rays for sun pierce through the clouds which can damage your skin. Use quality zinc and titanium based products to keep the invisible sun rays with UV away.

A wonder cream – Lancome Nutrix is one such cream which soothes and cures windburn, sunburn and safeguards you from the harsh cold.

For Your Lips

With the chilly winds pelting your face, you have ended up with badly chapped, cut and peeling lips. Exfoliate your lips and dab lip balm or run a chapstick to heal the cuts and remove the dead Di d you know that runners have used this Vaseline for many years to protect their face from the harsh winter weather while being outside? Make use of this tip! skin.

Lip Balm – Use lip balms enriched with essential vitamins like A, E and shea butter. It helps in keeping the lips soft, smooth, supple. Get lip balms with a rosy tint to make your lips pretty and cover up the rough areas.

We recommend Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Lip Serum and Clinique Superblam Lip Treatments.

Caring for your hair

Your glorious tresses have taken a hard beating down whipped with chilling cold winds. It is time to revive your tresses with these methods:

Shampoo & Serum – Use less of shampoo to avoid loss of moisture from your hair. Oil your dry hair or use hair serum to keep your hair free from tangles and offers nourishment.

Use boar bristle brush – It will feel soft and gorgeous on your scalp. Using this brush will help circulation on your limp and dry hair. Brush well in the morning and night to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

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