Problems Only Girls On Their Periods Understand

Problems Only Girls On Their Periods Understand
We girls are simply awesome. You could call us superwomen. Like really. Wondering why? Okay, can you bleed for straight 5-7 days, 24 hours, every minute, and still be alive? Now you know why. And boys, you may have scored cent percent marks in biology. Congrats on that. But you will never know what a period is. So don’t judge us when we’re on our periods. Period!



Here are some major problems only a girl on her period will understand.

1. It’s either tampons or pads that we girls use while on our periods. And pads, my dear friend, yes pads not diapers (not funny), are super irritating and uncomfortable and if not placed straight, they cause a mess…. The kind of mess nobody will ever understand.

2. If people think we girls do a lot of drama during those 5-7 dreaded days, yes, there are a lot of changes going on inside our bodies, our hormones are all over the place. What else does one expect? We cry for no reason. We get mad, sad, bad, glad. You will believe us if we said emoticons were created by a woman on her periods. It’s simply exhausting every month.



3. Like seriously, we have to carry a pad everywhere we go. While planning a vacation, it’s not our work schedule but our period schedule that we check. Back pain, chest pain, cramps, bloating and a roller coaster of emotions, ain’t nobody got no time for all that while on a holiday.

4. When we’re lying down, please stay away from us. Yes! We mean it. Because we have probably spent half an hour trying to figure out the best lying-down position and we are not moving from the current position even if there’s a volcano erupting outside our house.



5. Ladies, say yes if you too have created loads of garbage in your washroom just to cover up that one used pad that’s lying in the dustbin, so that no one knows you are bleeding. Especially if you are sharing the washroom with a man, you wrap your used pad and throw it in the bin and then unnecessary use up all the tissue papers you find around just to fill up the garbage.

Periods are painful and annoying. Wonder why there isn’t an invention yet to stop us women bleed.

FACT: Ladies, if you didn’t know, you do not bleed while in the shower/ swimming pool, or any water body.

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