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Side Effects Of Essential Oils Can Pose Dangerous Health Risks

by Fashionlady
Essential Oils Guide

Side Effects Of Essential Oils

Essential oils for long have only been associated with positive things like healing, treatments, feeling better and mental well-being. But like all good things there is a flip side to this coin as well that you might not be aware of. This might be because for years now only the positive side effects of essential oils have been highlighted. People have been touting these essential oils as a miracle medication revolution for nearly all things. For all you know, this might actually be a marketing scheme of essential oil companies who are selling essential oils using different strategies at different levels.

Side Effects Of Essential Oil

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In reality, the anti-science bend to these essential oil sellers is pretty disturbing. The claims made were not always aptly accurate and can be dangerous in many ways. These essential oils do have some legitimate uses like smelling nice as a scent for a thoroughly relaxing bath or for just providing a pleasing scent in your home. In concentrated forms, these essential oils can go up to the extent of killing bacteria on surfaces and even repel mites and bugs. But, what we don’t understand here is, despite of all that, the constituent ingredients of these essential oils might have the possibility of posing some serious related essential oils health risks. This is just highlighting the misapplication of science to a point of being dangerous.

Essential Oils Guides

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Essential Oils Guide

In this article, we will be discussing the negative side effects of essential oils. So here is the essential oils guide on how to be healthy when dealing with essential oils:

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1. Avoid Taking Essential Oils Orally

Unless you are a medically approved expert or you are consulting with such an expert, it would be best that you stick to the external use of these essential oils, such as a basic aromatherapy or in scent diffuser sticks. These plant derived oils are greatly concentrated with different amounts of toxicity if not over used. There may be a lot of distributors, who advocate internal ingestion, without a clear idea of essential oils health risks. So, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Essential Oils Health Risks

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2. Looks May Be Deceptive

You may have heard of the phrase – ‘not all that shines is gold’; it is a pretty appropriate saying in today’s world. Always remember anything that is substantial enough to have an advantageous effect on your body will also be able to have equally disastrous negative side effects. So, no matter whether it is an indigenous herb, a drug, or in this case an essential oil, all needs to be treated with some respect. Also, it is important to realize that something that works for you may or may not work for your friend. It is also important to realize that even natural things have the power to interfere with medications and can cause other side effects. So, if someone is recommending something, don’t blindly follow the herd without a thorough research yourself.


Essential Oils Health Risks

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You might want to assume that essential oils are safe because they are natural, but you need to also be aware that not all essential oil companies test their oils for quality, in accordance with certified aroma therapists. There is a lot more under the surface than is otherwise visible.

3. Minding Your Medications

As we mentioned earlier, there are several essential oils that have been seen to interact with usual prescription drugs. So, essential oils are not very advisable for people who have specific medical conditions or certain prescription medicines. For example, something as seemingly simple as the peppermint essential oil has a surprisingly long list of medical contraindications and similar drug interactions. So it is best that you consult your physician before any essential oil interactions. If you are still not sure about whether or not to use these essential oil along with the medication that you are taking, we advise that you avoid all essential oils.

Essential Oils

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4. Expert Advice

Taking some expert advice might seem like a very inconsequential thing when it comes to using some ‘natural’ essential oils but that might be all the difference it makes, when it comes to a doctors visit owing to the improper use of these essential oils. It’s best to learn the uses of essential oils from people who have been trained with regards to the proper usages of these oils. Because aromatherapy is certainly a growing field today, there is a number of credentialing, training, and certification courses available to train professionals with the knowledge of national standards that have been created for the usage of these essential oils. But, that doesn’t mean customers need not do their homework.

These plant-derived oils are really good for you only when used appropriately, but otherwise you may have to face dangerous side effects of essential oils.

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