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Side Effects Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Side Effects Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

Side Effects Of Not Getting Enough Sleep
Do you really sleep enough? Or your work, social and personal lives altogether leave no time for sleep for you? If yes, then you are actually doing harm to yourself in the long run. From causing deadly diseases to increasing the risk of death, late nights can do quite a lot of bad to you. Want to know more? Go through rest of the piece below:

1. Fatal Diseases

According to experts, those who do not get a good night’s sleep (not more than 6 hours a night), are more prone to deadly ailments like cardiovascular issues, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and so on.

Side Effects Of Fatal Diseases

Source: medicaldaily.com

2. High Stress Level

Lack of sleep is known to increase the secretion of ‘cortisol’ in our body drastically. This, being the most harmful stress hormone, can take our stress level to a very high level and lead us to a number of ailments.

3. Hypertension

As both our mind and body get stressed out due to sleep loss, the flow of blood increases terribly inside our blood vessels, which results into high blood pressure or hypertension. This sudden spike in b.p. can affect our cardiovascular system, renal system, eyes, etc. Badly.

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4. Decreased Immunity

The stress resulted from insufficient sleep can take a toll on our immune system. It makes us more prone to infections, allergies and various other diseases by weakening the immunity. You can even find yourself less or non-responsive to certain vaccines.

5. Blighted Creativity

Several neuroimaging researches have revealed that constant sleep loss is one of the worst enemies of creativity. The more we take rest, the more instinctively our brain identifies information. But if you are deprived of your nights’ sleep, you will definitely find it very tough to concentrate and think out of the box.

6. Mood Swing

When you do not get enough sleep, you become fatigue and completely exhausted. As per experts, it changes your emotional responses to various stimuli in a negative manner and affects your mood severely.

Side Effects Of Mood Swing

Source: advancedwellness.com.au

7. Degradation in Studies

If you are a student, you need to cycle your brain through an intense phase of sleep every single day in order to sharpen your memory and make the most of your learning. The reason behind it is that your focusing power is strengthened during the sleep due to the reduction in heart rate as well as metabolic rate.

8. Poor Decision-Making

As said before, the functionality of our brain goes down when the sleep is not adequate. It especially affects the parts of our brain, which are associated with making important decisions. In short, sleep loss can lead to poor decision-making.


9. Premature Aging

Insufficient practice of sleep can release huge amount of cortisol in our body, which promotes the breakdown of collagen protein in our skin cells and makes us age prematurely. It can also inhibit the synthesis of growth hormone in our body. As a result, our skin becomes saggy, rough and full of fine lines or wrinkles.

10. Dryness and Flakiness

A good night’s sleep is crucial for the hydration of our body. It induces plenty of moisture in our skin, which keeps all sorts of dryness and flakiness away.

Not Getting Enough Sleep due to Side Effects

Source: greenyatrablog.com

11. Pale, Dull Skin

Sleep plays a key role in boosting the circulation of blood throughout our skin. If you do not get it as much as necessary, the blood flow will be minimized and your skin will turn absolutely dull, pale and blotchy.

12. Severe Breakouts

When you are deprived of proper sleep and your stress level goes up significantly, your body starts to release a hormone called glucocorticoid in an excess amount. It damages the structure of your skin and gives you big-time breakouts.

15. Weight Gain

When our body doesn’t go through the natural sleep cycle, it activates several fat-storing genes. Lack of sleep is also known to be related to emotional eating. Both of these can result into unnecessary weight gain.

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16. Increased Mortality

If you make it a habit to go to the bed too late than usual, you are actually risking your life. 3 different studies conducted by researchers at different times proved that sleeping less than 6 hours a night is dangerous for our life and can kill us eventually.

Do you want to experience any of these mentioned above? Of course not, right? Always remember, your diet plays an important role too. There are certain foods that can help you sleep. Incorporate them in your daily diet.

So go early to bed, get your good night’s sleep, forget to wake up in the middle and discover a refreshed you in the morning.

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