Street Style for the Biking Women!


Street Style for the Biking Women
Everybody loves to ride a bike on any given day. This article is for those women who love their bikes and bicycles. Women these days have taken it upon them to make most of a situation. A lot of women are seen these days cycling to work, or the gym. Many are found enjoying riding these at the parks in the evenings or during the early morning hours too.

Biking Women

Safe, efficient and convenient is what I can resonate when I think of one. Bikes are definitely ruling the hood. Super trendy and perfect for all those pretty ladies out there.

Don’t think twice before jumping into the bandwagon of non geared bikes’. Bikes are not only dependable, but also help in your workout routines. A couple of kilometers cycled everyday will strengthen your quads, calves, abs and even your upper body.

While we talk about the benefits of cycling a bike, let’s not assume, one has to look boring and sweaty. That’s why I am here. Let me show you how you can make this cycling routine a smart and beautiful one.

There is innumerable number of ways of how you can jazz up your street style or look. I will guide you through some ways as how can do some small touches to your look.


There needs to be a warning given for safety and protection before I introduce anything else because accidents occur each day. So be sure to put on your helmets no matter where you are headed to. With a non geared bike, you can experiment with the design of your helmets. You do not necessarily need a big sturdy helmet but a sleek one will be enough to pull the look altogether.


Stylish Clothing

Wear a pretty floral dress on a summer and spring day. White dresses with small floral prints work best on such days.

If you are the ones who like it a little more sporty, wear a pair of shorts with a tank or a crop top. Wear sneakers and you are good to go.


I love the connection between a floral dress and a non geared bike. The whole picture of it is beautiful as indicated in the picture as well. I love the whole conception as it accentuates or represents the feline and graceful mixture. It doesn’t overrule the dominant power when you riding the bike yet keep your female instinct alive. Own it, love it. Its girl power all the way.

Stylish Clothing

If it’s a part of your workout routine, wear smart Reebok shorts and a t-shirt or Nike Tracks with racer back tops for comfort purposes. Cycling shoes, a water bottle and a head band, and you are sure to influence more women to copy your trend for you would definitely look super-HOT and sexy!

Cycling shoes


Either wrap it around your neck in a stylish fashion or wrap your hair with it to avoid the hair caching particles of dust or from the harmful rays of the sun. I personally love the scarf for its versatility. It can even bring life to a plain outfit.


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