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The Gatsby Affair with Fashionlady Continues

by Fashionlady
Great gatsby

Ideas for the Gatsby Affair

If you’ve been following our posts till date, let us remind you we’d published a post on Gatsby Jewelry Collection some time back. For others, visit here to go through that post.

We’re back again to share with you a fresh story, Gatsby jewelry still being the focal point.

Just debunk your grandmother’s closet for those British era’s jewelry pieces and two tone footwear. The 1920’s fashion is back with a bang, assuring to stay longer than any other revamped vintage fashion.

While Baz Luhrmann’s Great Gatsby movie is quite a stir, the movie has brought back the 1920-fashion yet with a contempo twist. For instance, the high-waist and flowing bottoms were replaced smartly with skinny leg version.

The image of Daisy Buchanan, portrayed by Carey Mulligan in a crystal-encrusted gown with an exquisite diamond headband may seem to be too suave for daily wear.

Daisy Buchanan Carey Mulligan

Source: pinterest.com

But if we consider the detailing individually such as the head accessory, bracelet, earrings and even the gown with a dash of modern interpretation then we will be able to make the look work for every occasion.

The 1920’s fashion era which marks the freedom of fashion for modern women is back with same element of glamor with more comfort. This era witnessed the shift of hemlines from a sophisticated calf-length to controversial knee-length of that time. Meanwhile, the silhouettes upgraded their fashion taste from body-hugging tights to simpler and cleaner cut outfits.

gatsby 1920 fashion

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This era also marked the onset jazz culture, which invited a more sensible fashion through casual attire. In those days, Peter Pan collars were a huge hit, mostly with shirt dresses.

Keeping this in mind, the fashion world has revamped the vintage trend with straight-cut dresses which are loose enough to give the impression of a fit body. This style is best known as the flapper style.

Gatsby-inspired dress

Gatsby inspired dress

Source: tumblr.com

Indian fashion domain is also more or less influenced from this revamped fashion. As per the lawyer turned fashion designer who sought to fame after Aisha movie, says that such fashion although hugely influenced from bygone era has been smartly modified to fit today’s aesthetics.


The age-old fashion is revamped by keeping it more real and less stereotypical. The best thing about the Gatsby fashion is that one can now upgrade her wardrobe simply by adding few detailing like Gatsby neck-piece or hair-piece, as we had mentioned earlier.

best gatsby headband

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“I realized that there was a dearth in the Indian market for an online upscale fashion boutique and I was interested in starting a business of my own.”

Pernia Qureshi’s Gatsby-inspired jewelry

Pernias Style Tips for Indian Weddings

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Her store flaunts some 30 exclusive statement pieces, ranging from neck-pieces and head accessories to earrings and rings. And all these pieces are curated solely for her online store.

So, play your grandma’s old gramophone record and jazz your way into boisterous 20s with a potpourri of elegantly crafted ornates which Gatsby mania has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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