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Top 5 Makeup Removers that You can get from Your Home

by Fashionlady
Top Makeup Removers

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Sometimes makeup removers may not suit your skin type. Because of the heavy chemical ingredients, some removers may affect your skin leaving rashes behind. So, whenever it’s about applying anything on your skin, protection becomes the major factor to consider upon.

Healthy skin can then only help you in obtaining radiant and glowing look. In this edition, I urge you to avoid cosmetics as far as possible. I have therefore come up with top 5 natural makeup removers that you can find at home.

Do have a read to find out the 5 natural makeup removers –

#1 Almond Milk

Home Makeup Removers

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As the name suggests, the milk is extracted from the almond nuts. Unlike regular milk, it doesn’t contain lactose.

How to obtain this milk?

For this, you need to blend some blanched almonds in the grinder until the paste becomes creamy and foamy. Almond milk is a natural cleanser, as its enzymes easily clean off the dirt and oil that your makeup has accumulated the day long.

All you have to do is to apply the milk with a cotton ball all over your face in circular motions until your skin is makeup free. You can then wash your face.

You do not have to throw away the rest of the milk. keep it in refrigerator and use it within a week.

#2 Cucumber

Makeup Removers

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Due to its moisturizing quality, cucumber doesn’t let your face become dry. Many a times scrubber make your skin more dry even though it rinses off the dead skin cells. But this natural scrubber even exfoliates your skin thereby keeping you from artificial scrubs full with chemical ingredients.

Apart from simply rubbing the cucumber on your face, you can even use its juice to was off your face.

#3 Banana with soy milk

Natural makeup remover

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Soy milk when applied with banana can make a perfect combination of natural makeup remover. Both of them contain enzymes that absorbs makeup and also help remove the dirt & grime that have settled on your face.

Olive oil natural remover

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It’s a know fact how olive oil is beneficial to our health. It is even healthy for skin apart from hair. You can either use only olive oil or mix it with hazel, thereby making it an incredible natural remover containing astringent properties because of the hazel nut, whilst the moisturizing properties of olive smoothens the skin after makeup removal.

All these rich properties even save your skin from dry skin and clogged pores, which synthetic removers can cause to your face.

#5 Coconut Oil

Coconut oil remover

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Coconut oil comprises of highly saturated fat content and it’s quite hydrating at the same time. Thus, it is one of the ideal cleanser for dry skin. No matter how stubborn your makeup is, especially the eye makeup, it easily gets removed with this coconut oil.

Moreover, because of its anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties, it also acts as a moisturizer for your skin.

So these were the top 5 natural makeup removers, which you can find at your home; if not all but some of these for sure.

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