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Top 5 Different 7-Day Detox Diets To Kick-Start Weight loss

by Fashionlady
7 day detox diet plan

7 day detox diet

As you stepg into your thirties, your weight becomes one of the major issues that govern your swaying sense of self-esteem. In this same context, losing some weight can feel like almost an impossibility at times.
But, it’s actually easier than most people deem it to be. In fact, getting started is probably the hardest part. Once you’ve set your mind on taking up the weight loss regime seriously, it gets easier as the days pass by.

Having said that, we come to one of the most important part – how do you get started? Well, as per our research, a light 7 day detox diet plan can be just the thing to start things off. Having a short diet plan can not only get you extra motivated but also help rid your mind of various mind blocks and inhibitions against such diet plans.

Sticking to an initial 7 day detox diet helps boost your immune system and encourages your brain to produce some chemicals that not only help you feel good but also kick off that extra few kilos you gained over the winters!

7 day detox diet menu

Now, there are all sorts of detox plans out there, but it is important to remember that taking up a detox diet for weight loss in 7 days doesn’t mean going hungry. You will actually be using the same ideas behind other popular fasting diets that have a 5:2 ratio between good old healthy eating, feeling good and begin losing weight in the process. So, in the same light, let us walk you through the Top Five 7 day detox diet menus:

1. The 7 Day Detox Cleanse Diet

This diet is perfect for those who need to lose a good 5-15 pounds quickly. The best part about this diet is that it includes a simple two day smoothie detox cleanse while you get regular detox meals on the rest of the days. All in all a great way to get a good body cleanse as well as lose weight.

The 7 Day Detox Cleanse Diet

2. The 7 Day Liquid Detox diet

This diet is an all-liquid diet as the name itself suggests with only nominal solid insets. The specifics of the detox cleanse are pretty simple. It requires you to drink at least four liters of fluid per day, which mostly includes water with lemon or lime, plus six to twelve glasses of freshly juiced green vegetables.  Soups made from pureed green vegetables are allowed too. This alkaline diet helps you lose weight in a jiffy with the sudden loss in heavy-junkies.

Detox diet for weight loss 7 day

3. The 7 Day Fruit And Vegetable Detox Diet Plan

These meats-less fruit and vegetable detox diet plan helps kick start your metabolism and give all those calories a run for their lives. The proteins coming from meat products are compensated with fruits and vegetables and it leaves you feeling all light and full of energy at the end of the seven days.

7 day detox cleanse diet

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4. The 7 day Non-Juice Clean Detox Diet

This detox diet goes against conventions and advises you against going on an all-liquid diet. It needs to be followed by 5 thumb rules and eat whatever you want as long that they are compliant with the rules. The rules are:

Rule 1: Eat Only Whole Foods
Rule 2: Keep Meals Simple
Rule 3: Eat Slower
Rule 4: Eat on a Regular Schedule
Rule 5: Eat when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full

5. The 7 Day Detox Diet Week Diet

This low-calorie fad diet that requires eating specific food items on each of the 7 days of the diet help you train your brain against eating calorie-rich foods even after the diet ends.

7 day liquid detox diet for women

Though, there are a number of such other detox diets available online, we found these to be the most popular ones.

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