Top 10 Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding


foods to avoid while breastfeeding

To all nursing moms and would-be moms, this blog would be of immense help because what I am going to talk about is foods to avoid while breastfeeding, foods to avoid breastfeeding, breastfeeding foods to avoid, and what not to eat when breastfeeding.

Wondering why foods to avoid while breastfeeding is important? It is because moms usually have regular meals when breastfeeding in order to gain essential nutrients and increase breast milk levels. But at the same time not all babies react to the same foods. So here are 10 foods that could cause problems while nursing your child which you should avoid taking.

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Foods To Avoid While Breastfeeding:

1. Coffee:

When you are drinking coffee or soda or tea for that matter, some of the caffeine part in it ends up in your breast milk. Since babies aren’t able to excrete caffeine as smooth and quickly as adults, too much of caffeine in their system can lead to irritation, crankiness and sleeplessness. The easiest way to sort this problem on mom’s behalf is to cut out on coffee intake.

What not to eat when breastfeeding

2. Fish:

You can go and eat fish as a nursing mother but you need to be selective on the type of seafood that you are eating. Remember that some fish are high on mercury which can get into your milk supply. Just follow the same rules of eating fish while you were pregnant and everything will sort out on its own.

Breastfeeding foods to avoid

3. Chocolate:

You can continue having chocolates during your nursing days but remember that it is an active source of caffeine. Eating chocolates can have a laxative effect on babies. So either cut out on your chocolate intake and eliminate it or keep changing your baby’s diapers if you are not able to stop your cravings. Caffeine joins the list of what not to eat when breastfeeding.

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Breastfeeding foods to avoid for women

4. Peppermint:

Parsley is a nice garnish element and peppermint makes a fabulous tea. But the problem with these two herbs is that they run the risk of limiting your milk supply. No problem if they are used in small quantity. Just be aware of any dips after you have eaten either of them.

Breastfeeding foods to avoid for lady

5. Dairy:

For breastfed babies, dairy is the most common problem food. If your baby is fussy after nursing or has skin or sleep issues, then eliminate dairy products from your eating chart.

Breastfeeding Dairy foods to avoid

6. Alcohol:

Call it a no-brainer but alcohol is strictly one such food to avoid while breastfeeding. Why? Because it gets into your breast milk can affect your child. If you like to have a drink or two, remember it will take 1-2 hours for the alcohol to metabolize. So as soon as you feel sober you can resume nursing.

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Breastfeeding Alcohol foods to avoid

7. Citrus:

Your baby’s gastro-intestinal tract is immature. And some compounds in citrus fruits can be irritants. Also citrus can cause fussiness, spitting up, even diaper rash which makes them breastfeeding foods to avoid. If you are craving for some vitamin C, have some pineapple or mango instead.

Breastfeeding Citrus foods to avoid

8. Peanuts:

Avoid peanuts in case there is a history of allergy in the family. Allergenic compounds present in peanuts and tree nuts can get transmitted through breast milk. In case you are not able to make out whether your baby is allergic towards peanuts, then wheezing, rashes, or hives in your baby can be possible symptoms of allergy.

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BreastfeedingPeanuts foods to avoid

9. Garlic:

Garlic smell is something that we all hate and wash it off by using mouthwash. But, my dear, garlic smell can get into your milk too. If your baby is not in a mood to be nursed, or pulls off while nursing making faces, these symptoms could coincide with when you last ate something laced with garlic.

Remember, babies’ palates haven’t matured enough to appreciate the taste of garlic.

Breastfeeding Garlic foods to avoid

10. Wheat:

If your baby begins to develop blood in stools, then gluten intolerance could be the possible reason. Some amount of fussiness and a painful stomach can also point to issues with wheat. Just like dairy, the ideal way to find out if wheat is an issue is to follow an elimination diet.


Breastfeeding Wheat foods to avoid

Keep in mind to watch your baby for reactions whenever you eat something that could be questionable. Also check with your paediatrician from time to time if you have any concerns.

Hope this information on foods to avoid while breastfeeding would be helpful to nursing and first time would-be moms. Share your views and inputs by writing in.
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