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Top 7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Spectacles!

by Fashionlady
Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Spectacles

Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Spectacles

Not all of us are blessed with perfect eyesight and a majority of us have to resort to wearing glasses or spectacles to achieve that 6/6 vision. But of course, there is no greater convenience than not having to wear the glasses! There are many ways to get rid of the glasses – some involve eating a certain type of food, while others talk about eye exercises. The last resort, of course, is undergoing surgery or LASIK. So if you wish to flutter your eyelashes and get rid of your glasses albeit naturally, reading this article is a must!

Top 7 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Glasses

There has been a lot of ongoing research on how to cure your eyesight and there are tips that can help improve your vision. Here are some natural remedies to try out:

1. Drinking Carrot Juice

Your parents and the doctor weren’t wrong when they said that carrots or beetroot can improve your eyesight. Eating carrots can help you correct your vision because it is a rich source of nutrients like β-carotene, vitamin A, B complex vitamins like folate. It also has many minerals including calcium, copper, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and iron. Beetroot contains Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Vitamin B-12, and Magnesium which are said to be very good for the eyes. You should make sure you have carrot juice on a regular basis to improve your eyesight.

Calorific info
One glass of carrot juice (approximately 236ml) contains the following:
Calories: 94, Fat: 0.35, Carbohydrates: 21.90, Fibers: 1.9, Protein: 2.24

Carrot Juice

2. Say Yes To Coriander Juice

Another very easily available item, coriander juice can improve your vision when taken directly as eye drops for a continuous period. Take a little coriander juice and use it as an eye drop for both the eyes. Keep your eyes closed for about 5-10 minutes and repeat this process daily to see a significant improvement in your eyesight. Do consult a doctor before giving this natural remedy a shot.

Coriander Juice

Source: soydivision.co.uk

3. Go Green

Green and leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, Brussel sprouts etc. are good for your eye health and can help to improve your vision. Make sure you wash the veggies thoroughly before having them to prevent any kind of tummy infections. Boiling these vegetables is the best way to have them.

Green and leafy vegetables

4. Eye Exercises And Rest Are A Must

A lot of people think that hereditary reasons are why you get glasses in the first instance. However, if you read more about how to get rid of spectacles, you will find that genes are rarely the reason for your glasses and the main reason you got them is because your eye muscles got weak due to strenuous activities like reading too much, reading under low light, watching too much TV and sitting on the computer for long periods of time. So just like you can get back into shape by doing the right exercises, is it possible to get your perfect vision back by doing some eye exercises too?

The answer to this is a RESOUNDING yes! There have been innumerable instances of people getting back their perfect vision by consistently exercising their eyes at regular intervals. The set of 16 exercises that are there in the image are actually a great way to start. These eye gymnastics (as they are popularly known) help restore your normal vision.

Besides these, you must also take care and rest your eyes by closing them when you are working on the computer for a really long time. You should rest your eyes periodically and prevent them from straining. Warm eye pads are also a great way to reduce the stress and pressure in your eyes. Keep them in your bag and use them whenever you feel that your eyes are strained. Eye rolls are common exercises that can be done at any place and are great to improve your concentration and vision.

Avoid using the computer or watching TV two hours before sleeping. This will give your eyes the much-needed rest. Also, using your cell phone for a prolonged period of time is detrimental to your eyesight. The small letters on the phone strain your eyes a lot, so whenever possible, increase the font on your cell phone or avoid reading small letters on that screen.

Eye Exercises

Source: careuall.com

The image above shows the particular pressure points which should be pressed to give your eyes a quick relief. Massage these specific spots lightly and repeat this every day to ease your eyes and get rid of the glasses.

Eye pressure points

Source: myilifestyle.com

5. Try Trataka

Trataka is an intense form of eye yoga that can be practiced to improve your eyesight. So, trataka is a form of meditation in which you will specifically exercise your eyes by focusing them on an object placed at a moderate distance. This object can be a candle or a black spot or even a small object. Practicing this form of eye exercise can help strengthen the eye muscles, improve the sight, stimulate the third eye and boost concentration.

Cold Compress for Eyes

Source: amazon.com

7. Practicing Pranayama

Yogic practices have been popular in India since time immemorial and all of them have certain benefits that cannot be ignored. The pranayama exercises have a multitude of benefits and one of them is helping to restore your perfect vision. You should always learn these exercises under a trained professional and then do it at home. Some of the exercises that are known to improve your eyesight include – Neti- Jal Neti & Sutra Neti, Kapalbhati Kriya (do it for 15 minutes every day) and Anuloma Viloma Pranayama. Practicing these eye yoga exercises even for 15 minutes can help strengthen your core muscles and invigorate you for the day.


Things To Remember

  • Make sure you protect your eyes from the harsh glare of the sun and wear UV protective sunglasses.
  • Dust, dirt and other environmental pollutants can also create havoc with your eyes. Always splash water and try and keep your eyes clean.
  • When using lenses, make sure your hands are clean and you are not using lenses longer than their prescribed time. Keep refreshing eye drops handy and keep your lenses moist to prevent your eyes from getting scratchy and itchy. Dry eyes are very painful!
  • Getting the right amount of sleep is essential to give your eyes the much-needed time off to recover for the next day. Sleep in a room where there is no harsh light source or a TV/computer that gives off unnecessary glare.

Many factors are important to keep your eyes healthy and happy, so make sure you follow them to bid adieu to your spectacles!

Do you know of any other method to say goodbye to your glasses? If yes do share it with other health watchers here.

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Shivi February 28, 2020 - 1:25 pm

It will help for a person wearing spectacle of power -2.75???I m 17now can spectacles be removed from my eyes by following these things..

Vedica July 29, 2020 - 4:54 pm

I know.. You should not use your devices so much, and they give blue light..


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