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Top 7 Skin Whitening Fruits Mother Nature Has Given Us

by Fashionlady
Skin Whitening Fruits

Skin Whitening Fruits

More than just whitening our skin, what our focus should be on is a healthy glow. Using over-the-counter skin whitening products and bleach creams can do a lot of harm than good to our skin texture and tone; in time can cause wrinkles and other long term damage that sometimes cannot be reversed. Do you want that happening to you? The sane and sorted PYT would steer clear from the same. However, the ads on television promoting such products wouldn’t tell us about the harmful effects of chemical peels, skin lightening treatments and skin bleaches, for the fear of backlash. And knowing all this, we still are tempted for an insta-fix a.k.a an instnt skin lightening routine. Let’s stop all of that and love our skin more, using the best of seven fruits that can help whiten and lighten the skin, bringing a healthy glow too. Read on please!

The Best Of Seven Skin Whitening Fruits That Help Whiten, Lighten And Brighten The Skin

With these seven skin whitening fruits, we can assure that the process of skin lightening and whitening wouldn’t come with drawbacks. We also promise no more dark grey spots and acne to deal with; no irritation of the skin and inflammation to bother about, and your eyes would be safe too. The skin texture would be better and the thinning of skin wouldn’t happen as well.

Fruits for Skin Whitening

Source: genechanger.com

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1. The Juice Of Pomegranate

Pomegranates have plenty of iron, vitamin A and C, and antioxidants in it, which is what helps hydrate and nourish, along with lightening the skin. Ideal for women with sensitive skin, the juice should be applied fifteen minutes before a shower and then washed off under cold water- daily!

Pomegranate juice

Source: salon.com

2. Lemon Scrub

Grab a piece of lemon or a large slice of the fruit and wipe it generously with gentle circular motions, all over the face. Lime has plenty of vitamin C in it which helps naturally protect your skin from free radicals and damage from the UV rays of the sun. if you have dark spots, blemishes and age spots on the skin, you could rub lime on the area and wait for ten minutes, before heading into the shower daily.

Lemon for skin

Source: lifetimestyles.com

3. Rub A Slice Of Watermelon

The slice of a watermelon has plenty of power to make the skin lighter in a week. This is a remedy for sensitive skin, since the juice of the fruit can control melanin formation and allows hydration of the skin too. Half an hour per day and that’s all you need for the circular rub on the skin with a slice of watermelon. Wash off later with cold water.

Watermelon slices

Source: hereandnow.wbur.org

4. Squeeze An Orange

The powerhouse of vitamin A and C, an orange when pulped into paste and applied on the face helps lighten the skin. For dry skin, you must add a tablespoon of honey to hydrate and moisture the skin along with lightening it. The process is of ten minutes per day, before your shower. Apply and sit for ten minutes, and then wash off under cold water.

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Orange and Honey

Source: magic4walls.com

5. The Magic Of Papaya Paste

The paste of raw or ripe papayas can help get rid of acne scars and blemishes or age spots on the skin. This is because the enzyme PAPAIN in papaya helps control the oil secretion and melanin deposits on the skin. The juice helps soak into the skin when applied, and one must wait for five minutes before washing it off. The use of papaya paste every day for skin lightening services would show you results in five days.

Papaya Paste

Source: helenacesar.com


6. Indian Gooseberry

Also known as amla, the Indian gooseberry is a powerful source of vitamin C and citric acid. Both these qualities help in lightening your skin naturally, and with vitamin A an plenty of other antioxidants found in amla, your complexion and skin texture would improve over time; melanin production would slow down and the acne scars would go too. ten minutes per day and a gentle scrub with amla on the skin does magic.

Apple a Day

Source: superiorwallpapers.com

Enjoy your skin lightening fruit bowl treatment!

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