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5 Very Easy DIY Ways On How To Redden Lips Naturally

by Fashionlady
How To Redden Lips Fast

How To Redden Lips Naturally

No, you don’t have to undergo surgery and you don’t have to spend a bomb to redden your lips. We aren’t kidding here when we say your kitchen has all the ingredients which helps you understand how to redden lips naturally. Red luscious lips are a desire to have, which is what most PYTs want, but they really do not know how to go about doing so.

Learn How To Redden Lips Fast

Here are five easy ways on how to redden lips naturally, take a look at them all and understand them well. These are recipes that are safe to try.

Mint And Honey

When learning how to redden lips fast, say in a weeks time from now to see the difference, you would need to get a tablespoon of mint leaves and a teaspoon of honey. Blend the two with your fingers into a paste and rub the paste well onto your lips. Allow the paste to stay on the lips for ten minutes and then wash off the lips with cold water. Mint and honey helps with lip exfoliation and moisturizing, and also soothes the lips making them vibrant and healthy. Darkening is removed with mint leaves and so are the smoke and coffee stains too; making the lips nice and red. This should be done daily twice a day!

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How To Redden The Lips

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Rose Petals And Milk

Another easy weasy way to make your darkened lips nice and red would be by crushing a handful of fresh rose petals with a tablespoon of raw milk cream. Make a paste of the same and store in the fridge overnight, in your ice tray. The cubes next morning should be gently massaged onto the lips for twenty minutes. Allow another five minutes for the antioxidants and the moisturizing ingredients in milk and rose to work its magic on the lips. Wash off with cold water and pat dry. Do this once, everyday.

Red Lips Naturally Fast At Home

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Shea Butter And Honey

Here is one more way to get red lips naturally fast at home, and this time we would need a tablespoon of shea butter to which we shall add a teaspoon of honey. Make a gooey paste of the two with the help of your fingers and gently massage the mix onto the lips. Wait for ten minutes and massage again. You must leave this on overnight, so as to allow the dead skin cells to move off and the clear lip skin to surface. Your lips gets all the moisture it needs and conditioning is done as well, and the mix when massaged onto the lips helps with circulation too- super soft supple lips for you attained, and the redness comes through with vitamin E blessings found in shea butter as well. Daily adherence to this recipe would help, every night!


Ways To Get Natural Red Lips

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Glycerine And Beetroot

You would need a cup of beetroot slices and a tablespoon of glycerine to create this lip healing and reddening balm. Make a paste of the two in the blender and keep it in the fridge for ten minutes. Use a cotton ball to dip into the paste and then gently massage the lips with this mixture for ten minutes. Wait for the lips to dry off and then wash with cold water. The color from beetroot is red, and it helps reduce stains and dark spots on the lips, while glycerine helps nourish and hydrate the lip skin. This should be done twice a day, and to make it work faster, you may apply a pinch of Vaseline to the paste.

Natural Ways To Redden Lips

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Orange And Pomegranate

One more way amongst the many natural ways to redden lips would be to use leftover orange or citrus slices and pomegranate seeds. You would need to blend three to four citrus slices or orange slices with the pomegranate seeds (not more than ten pieces) to form a paste. Store the paste in the freezer in the ice tray and remove after an hour. Rub the cubes of citrus over your lips and wait for ten minutes. Wash off with cold water thereafter. This helps moisturize your lips and hydrate them, whilst providing vitamin C to the lip skin as well and lightening the skin too. Do this twice a day!

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Natural Way To Redden Lips

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If you have Natural ways to redden lips that you have used and would like to share, do write in!

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