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Ways To Eat Less For Effective Weight Loss

by Fashionlady
Eat Less Lose Weight

Ways To Eat Less

The simple funda to lose weight is to eat less. But sometimes people who want to be eating less will confuse it with starving themselves and in the end they will end up gaining more weight. This is because the body thinks that it will need to store the fat (since it is not getting enough energy). So, eat less to lose weight, but also know how less you should eat.

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We all know that the losing weight calculation is all about calorie intake. So if you are burning more calories than the intake, you are bound to lose weight. But do you know there are ways to eat less? How will you suddenly stop your body from craving all that food? How to stop craving junk food? Well, the path to finding ways to eat less is not that simple, but there are certain tips and tricks which will help you lose weight by eating less. So let’s get started!

Lose Weight By Eating Less

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The TV/Phone/Distractions Need To Go!

The number one mistake that most people do is eating while they are distracted or watching TV or their phone or any other gadget for that matter. Once you are on a mindless autopilot, you will be piling on the food without even knowing. So whenever you sit down for a meal, consciously decide what you should be eating and how much. Once you are mindful of what goes in, you will automatically know how much your body wants and when you should stop.


Eating Mistakes

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Keep Water Handy

Water is the elixir that keeps you healthy and your body hydrated. Before you begin a meal, start with a large glass of water. This one will keep your belly full and prevent your from overeating. And sometimes, you are actually not hungry and your thirst might be triggering that rumbling sound from your tummy. You can easily drink a glass of water to feel full.

Weight Loss Remedy

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Main Courses Should Remain In The Kitchen

This is another trick that most people who practice mindful eating practice: they try and keep away the starches, the fats and the entrees in the kitchen. So if you do not have these foods on the table, there is a lesser tendency for people to continue their conversation with mindless eating. You can put salads and lean meats on the table in case you need to have something.

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How To Stop Craving Junk Food

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Set The Mood To Eat Right

Research has suggested that when the lights are dim, there is soothing music on and you are relaxed, there is a tendency to eat lesser. People are enjoying the mood and the food and hence are having a slow and deliberate meal. Chew well and drink/sip enough water and mostly enjoy your food!

Does Eating Less Make You Lose Weight

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Use Smaller Bowls, Plates And Crockery

Everyone loves those super-sized bowls and plates. Unfortunately, save them up for a special occasion because researchers have found that people have a tendency to eat more when they have bigger plates. When you eat from smaller bowls and plates, over time you will see that you are starting to have smaller and smaller meals.

How To Lose Weight

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Know Your Weaknesses

We are all human beings after all and we do have our weaknesses, especially when it comes to that creamy blueberry cheesecake. If you try and cut your weakness from your diet completely, you will be depriving the body of something it loves. On the long run this would not be good because your body will start craving for junk food. That doesn’t mean that you should continue to have it! Stick to portion control and once in a while reward yourself with your favourite weakness.

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