10 Fresh Ways To Wear Jeans In Summer


Wearing jeans in summer

You know you’re tired of your jeans when an outfit screams “hand-me-down-please!” As jeans are a must-have staple in our closet, it’s easy to run out of ideas to style them. If you are tired of wearing the same pairings over and over again, it’s time to brighten things up.

10 New Ways to Wear Jeans

Considering the new fashion trends for summer, there’s really no reason for you to engage with your regular jeans routine. Instead, we’ve rounded up 10 fresh ways to wear jeans in summer to breathe in new life into it. And the best part, all these outfits are pretty much affordable.

1. Overalls

By now you may have noticed that overalls are a major trend for the summer. For a 90s spin, you may pair them with a pair of daring strappy heels, funky boots, vest, or oversized button-up. If you have bought overalls last summer, then you may be looking for fresh ways to style them. Well, you can pull them off the closet, because we have some summer ideas to inspire you. Let the below images show you how to style overalls:

Take cue from this model who cuffed her short overalls with a stripped blouse, flat sandals, felt hat, and cross body bag.

Wearing jeans in summer for woman
Source: lookastic.com

The white overalls paired with the stripped tee and a black sandal is the most youthful look.

Wearing jeans in summer for women
Source: glamour.com

The simplest of styles are most often the best. The black tee paired with straight leg overalls, as shown by fashion editor Veronika Heilbrunner, combines the best stylish version of pair-up we’ve ever seen.

Wearing jeans in summer trends
Source: whowhatwear.com

2. Denim Skirt

Denim skirts make the fashion rounds every summer and 2018 style of choice is no different. This year, the button-down front is huge. If you are not comfortable with the minis, then you’d be happy to know the button-front comes in pencil, skater, and maxi styles too. You may pair the denim skirt with crochet knit top or vest to spice up your style. Wear gladiator sandals and easy accessories for a less-is-more approach. Here are fresh ways to wear the jeans in summer:

This summer staple is flirty, lightweight, and relaxed. The look reflects a lighthearted and breezy approach to the season.

Wearing Denim Jeans In Summer Trends
Source: katewaterhouse.com

As seen on supermodel Karlie Kloss, who gave a fresh spin to the good old denim skirt:

Wearing Denim Jeans In Summer Fashion
Source: usmagazine.com

There is nothing like a crisp white shirt with denim skirt and the pair-up of mules!

Wearing Denim Skirt In Summer Fashion
Source: whowhatwear.com

3. Cut-off Shorts

Summer cannot be complete without a pair of cutoff shorts. They are a great throwback style and ideal for the summer, giving you an edge over your look. You may try an old school rock and roll vibe by pairing your distressed cut off denims with graphic tee and converse kicks. Add accessories like shades and mini backpack.

Stripes, chokers, buckle belt, and the smoky black makeup, all summed up the 90s vibe trend. All these combination is a match made in heaven and perfect to carry, all summer long!

Summer Jeans Fashion
Source: lofficiel.vn

You don’t need to go overboard with your cutoffs. Just a simple plain tee, as shown in the image, will work out just as fun.

Summer Jeans trends
Source: officialkoreanfashion

All the cool kids are obsessed with the sheer trend. And what better way to wear it than with your denim shorts. Cool for summer, totally!

Cool for summer Jeans trends
Source: spiceee.net

4. Boyfriend Jeans

This denim favorite is great to take when it is scorching hot because of their slouch fit. What’s more, they come with plenty of rips, allowing you to look cool. Today’s boyfriend jeans come in a plethora of washes, lengths, and varying baggy designs, ensuring there is a pair for every girl. And the best part of boyfriend denims is that they instantly transform the entire vibe of your outfit. With that, here are few ideas on how to wear boyfriend jeans in summer.

Another of summer’s hottest items is the crop top. The pair up of the two makes for an edgy combination. The light wash denim as show above is also on-trend.

How to wear boyfriend jeans in summer
Source: jeansto.com

Distressed, blue tee, cross body bag, and stud flats makes for a killer combination.

Summer jeans for Fashion
Source: whowhatwear.com

6. Denim Jacket

There is no argument that denim jackets are the perfect transitional outerwear. You may throw on one when the weather is somewhere in between cool and hot. Or if it gets too hot, then tie it around your waist. Ahead are few outfit ideas for summer-lighter layering and easy ensembles.

Summer jeans for Fashion Trends
Source: youareherefw.com

7. White Jeans

One thing we can get straight is that we will never retire our blue and black denims. But we cannot ignore the fact that summer is officially on and dark jeans isn’t exactly what you want to reach out for, daily. Another fantastic alternative is white jeans! They are chic, neat, and stylish. There are many fashion bloggers who have created inspirational outfit ideas for a distinct vibe. Here, we’ve highlighted few street styles on how to wear jeans in the summer in new ways like you have never seen before.

The lace-up details pack a major punch to your outfit by adding an instant vintage touch to everything, including white jeans. So incorporate this element of the decade into your wardrobe for a truly effortless feel.

How to wear jeans in the summer
Source: glamradar.com

Stripes are inherently chic and what easy way to style, than pair them up with white jeans? This look can particularly gel well while beach strolling or hanging in the city. You may be more convinced if you see the image above.

How to wear jeans in the summer fashion
Source: thefashiontag.com

For many girls, bright shades are reserved for summer. So make a splash with an attention-grabbing colored shoe, to brighten your drab white denim look. This look is an instant mood lifter as you leave the house.

Wear jeans in the summer
Source: sohu.com

8. Chambray Off-shoulder Tops

Wear the chambray version in an off-shoulder style. This can give out a flirty and feminine feel. Chambray tops are versatile and can be styled in different ways. They can also be worn at any seasons, including summer. And not to forget, these tops are super comfortable, especially if you get one in soft denim. You may look for light wash chambray tops, which can be perfect for summer and can be worn whenever. Here are few ways on how to wear them:

Wear jeans with shoulder Tops
Source: thriftsandthreads.com

9. Rompers

Chambray rompers are one of the simplest wears for summer. And the weather is officially warm enough at the moment to wear rompers. It can be styled in numerous ways. You just need to select the right accessories like a felt hat or baseball cap, flip flops or sandals. The options are limitless! But before you pull out your rompers, you may treat yourself to something new. For this, check out these few outfit ideas we’ve rounded up for some fresh ideas on how to wear this ultimate summer favorite.

Jeans in the summer
Source: fashiongum.com

10. Embroidered Denim Dress

Denim never goes out of style, but this summer, there’s a new trend on the block. Enter the embroidered denim dress. The 70s inspired fabric has made the embroidered denim dress an instant wardrobe favorite. This is perfect for channeling the laidback cool that works so well for every girl. The images below are the only place to look for summer style inspiration.

Jeans in the summer Fashion
Source: thefashionmagpie.com

These are our pick of 10 fresh ways to wear jeans in summer. Do you have a favorite of wearing jeans in summer? Do write in to us in the comment box below.


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