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We Give It To AM:PM For Making Lisa Ray Look Outstanding!

by Fashionlady
Lisa Ray Look


Lisa Ray’s style has always been impeccable and this time too she slayed when she wore a gorgeous orange Kurta from AM:PM, the premier brand which has become a hot favorite with many Bollywood celebrities now.

Just take a look at how great she looks in this long kurta:

Lisa Ray Look in long kurta

Source: only24news.com

At the event in Mumbai, Lisa Ray kept her makeup and accessories very simple so that her kurta could take all the limelight. In fact, even her hair was just done in a simple bouffant ponytail. This accentuated her face and gave her a very vintage look. Her earrings had green emerald and from Charles Jourdan. The best part about these were that though her kurta did not have any hint of green, somehow these earrings gave her a wonderful look. She finished off her ensemble with silver strappy sandals.

Lisa Ray earrings

Now let’s talk a little bit more about this brand AM:PM and what is making this brand sell like hot cakes. For starters, we will give it to AM:PM for their ultimate collection. They have been known for their very chic silhouettes and their amazing fluidity. A lot of people who have been wearing AM:PM praise it for their pure fabrics and the fresh colours. Well, what makes them wardrobe-worthy-Their attention to detail in each and every design of theirs. People and especially celebrity clientele love to wear items, which are unique and not available in the market too easily. AM:PM are renowned for their unique and hard to find items. This makes them a hot favourite with most of the celebs.

Take a look at some of their recent designs:

AMPM recent designs

Source: styletag.me

What Makes AM:PM a Great Brand?

We dug into the intricacies of this brand to find out its USP and what makes it a hot favourite with so many people!


The AM:PM brand actually stands for Ankur Modi and Priyanka Modi, a dynamic fashion designer duo which has been creating waves with their amazing pret line collection. It is only recently that they have ventured into haute couture and needless to say, they have become the bomb! The couple is very creative and their classic and eloquent designs are not only great in their looks but as worshippers of great quality, they ensure that all their items are perfect till the last stitch.

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One thing that strikes AM:PM as a great brand is the fact that besides all the intricate designs, the clothes from their label are extremely comfortable and easy to maintain. As we mentioned before, they do use pure fabrics and in certain cases, hand painting and embroidery is also extensively used. If you want classy items in your wardrobe, but at the same time, something which fits into the contemporary style of today.

AMPM Brand

Source: wordpress.com

Their appeal lies in the fact that they transform their vintage items into things, which fit into the trends of today. For instance, look at the line they presented in the latest Fashion Week, contemporary yet suave:

ampm latest collection

Source: wordpress.com

If you haven’t checked out AM:PM yet, we recommend you look at their latest collection and prepare to get inspired!

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