Wearing High Neck Blouse Designs With Gorgeous Sarees Show Right Here


High Neck Blouse Design

2017 has shown us many designs and styles when it comes to Indian ethnic wear, and one of them for sure is the rage of wearing High Neck Blouse Designs. From Bollywood divas to socialites and more, everyone is sporting at least one of the High Neck Blouse Designs with a myriad range of patterns and designs, and a large ton of options to choose from as well. You too should think of the High Neck Blouse Designs this festive season and flaunt the stylish numbers like a diva in your own rights. When you pair the right saree with the best of High Neck Blouse Designs, and the right ear and neck statement accessories to wear, you would be making heads turn wherever you go. Let us now take a look at some of the gorgeous High Neck Blouse Designs statements being made around.

High Neck Saree Blouse

If you are not planning to wear a saree, but a lehenga, plan the same with one of the best and chicest blouses. A netted high neck blouse design as seen here on the gorgeous diva shows how you can play with solid colors and allow the netted blouse make a splash much needed for the evening gatherings and social dos.

High Neck Saree Blouse Designs
Gorgeous ethnic motifs on high neck blouses with long sleeves an solid colored silk sarees are a fashion vogue you cannot miss out on. Best worn when the evenings call for a formal touch. Complete the look with gorgeous makeup and a chic hairdo, heels for the feet are a must.

High Neck Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees
Sexy and seductive, this is a high neck blouse design in black and gold without sleeves that will make you the hottest fashionista around. Lace, tissue or netted sarees worn in monotone shades would work best for women with hourglass figures or athletic bodies.

High Neck Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees
Solid colors, tone on tone or monochromatic shades- blue is royal and the color of the festive season this time it seems. Brocade or embroidered sleeveless high neck blouses can be paired with cotton or silk sarees as shown, and a gorgeous evening number comes through.

High Neck Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

Full sleeved cotton high neck blouses can be worn for weddings and major parties, provided they have zari or zardosi work done on the neck and the cuffs. This makes for a very elegant look with a printed or patchwork saree.


High Neck Saree Blouse Patterns

Keeping it simple for the daytime pujas and rituals during Navratri does not mean you do not dress gorgeous. An expensive silk saree and a high neck saree blouse in the same shade can bring on the ravishing diva touch much needed for the occasion.

High Neck Saree Blouse
Gorgeous Vani Kapoor shows us how a montoned shade of grey when contrasted with a light blue tone of the saree fall, can enhance the appeal of sexiness. Simple, minimal and yet very elegantly stylish, the high neck saree blouse designs with full sleeves such as this one are a must try this season.

High Neck Saree Blouse Patterns
Get gorgeous with a silky high neck dark colored embellished high neck saree blouse, worn with a lace or a tissue saree for the evening out. A romantic bun for the hair, light makeup and a gorgeous set for the ears to play with would complete the look.

Neck Saree Blouse Patterns

Patch work high neck blouse designs for silk sarees are a rage right now, and in shades from the brightest to the darkest; choose your style and take your pick, go downright ethnic and essential for the nine days of Navratri or wear it when the Dussehra parties happen. Draping of the sarees can be done in many ways so that the work on the blouse can be flaunted.

Neck Saree Blouse Designs
They say she is out to paint the town in shades that the devil loves. Red and black, the sexiest combo of all color patterns, and when worn with a high neck blouse, the saree flaunts its majestic self-enveloping the personality as well. Try this one.

High Neck Saree Blouse Designs


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