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What Is Diamond Dermabrasion And Is It Better Than Microdermabrasion For Acne?

by Fashionlady
Diamond dermabrasion for women

Diamond dermabrasion

Don’t we just wish to have that flawless looking skin as we see in glossy television programs and magazines? If you resonate with the same thought, we are hearing you loud and clear!

You could either opt for surgery, which can be painful or the diamond dermabrasion way which is a mechanical exfoliation technique that brings about super results for your skin and quite effective ones that too. From acne scars to skin discolorations and more; you can even have wrinkled skin and fine lines taken care of with the help of diamond dermabrasion.

Diamond dermabrasion treatment

The plethora of skin treatments to deal with just about any skin issues are plenty for you to choose from, which can be confusing and overwhelming. Hence, we want to tell you point wise why diamond dermabrasion treatments should be preferred.

The Workings Of Diamond Dermabrasion Facial

With the diamond peel dermabrasion, there would be thorough exfoliation and micro resurfacing done to the skin. This would help sweep away the dead skin cells and the outer layer of the skin from the epidermis. The process is a non-invasive one and has to be done by a LICENSE and a CERTIFIED skin care professional only.

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Clients walk in with acne prone skin, sun damage and fine lines, keratoses and wrinkles, whiteheads and clogged pores or uneven skin tones, and the diamond dermabrasion before and after effects when seen would leave you stunned.

Diamond dermabrasion facial

What happens is that the exfoliation and the suction would cause division through disruption. And when the mitosis of the cells takes place, the fibroplasty leads to collagen production. This makes the skin thick and firm. As we age, the skin sloughing on us is slower and hence exfoliation after age thirty is a must to do at least once in a while. This helps keep the skin fresh and hydrated. Superficial hyperpigmentation and photo damages are removed with diamond dermabrasion; even the wrinkles and fine lines are diminished over time. Shallow acne scars are removed and thus an even skin tone is brought forth.

Diamond peel dermabrasion

So Why Does One Opt For The Peel Or Diamond Derma?

To refresh the skin, you can opt for the skin peeling concept or use the diamond dermabrasion technique. Two different machines are used for each – a standard one for the former and a diamond peel machine for the latter. There is a difference!

The sandblaster sprays tiny aluminium oxide crystals on the face, and a gentle abrasion is mixed and used as a suction to remove the dead layers on the upper epidermis of the skin. Microdermabrasion helps sandblasting the skin with aluminium oxide crystals, whereas the diamond derma concept uses a tipped wand and a particle-free method to yield better results in lesser time.

In microdermabrasion, a special hand held device is used and the vacuum system of the machine is what sucks out the dirt and dead cells. With the diamond derma system, the micro-crystal concept is not used, but a reusable diamond tip wand is used. The latter is used on smaller areas of the face.

Diamond dermabrasion before and after

Are There Any Risks And Side Effects

If you are wondering about the diamond dermabrasion side effects, rest assured that most clients who have undergone the same have written praises and good words on the diamond dermabrasion reviews we see around. And it is also true that the risks associated with any form of dermabrasion can be minimal. Healthy adults don’t have to worry a lot. But if you have very sensitive skin, your doctor may not allow you to undergo the same, because the skin would strip. If the skin specialist sees that you have a case of inflamed eruptions and acne, you would be stopped from allowing the treatment on your skin to be done.


Diamond dermabrasion side effects

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