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What You Need To Know About The Miraculous Guava Leaves For Skin

by Fashionlady
Guava Leaves For Skin Whitening

Guava Leaves For Skin

What if you could find a miracle cure for your acne, your blemishes or your dark spots? What if this miracle cure isn’t expensive at all and what if you could find it in your backyard? The good news is, we have an answer to all these questions and trust us, the cure is actually right in your backyard!

Guava leaves for skin are the newest rage this season. Ever since beauty blogger first found out the benefits of guava leaves for skin, they have been using this easily available fruit leaves in their skincare regime. So what is the magical factor that makes guava leaves for skin care an excellent choice?

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Well, for starters, these are easily available and most people in India grow guavas in their backyards itself. So if you aren’t plucking those leaves, you can also ask your local fruit seller to source the leaves to you! Most people aren’t even aware that you can use guava leaf extract for skin.

Guava Leaves For Skin Care

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Guava Health Benefits

Before we start telling you the tips and tricks to great-looking skin with the help of guava leaves, let’s check out some of the benefits of the fruit itself.

The fruit is very rich in Vitamin A and C and is also known for its potassium and magnesium content- both of which are very essential for our body. Scientists have also found out that the flavonoids and phytochemicals in guava are cancer-fighting agents and can promote good health. So, it’s a great fruit that can help to boost your health and also boost your skin. Let’s check out the amazing uses of guava leaves for skin.

Guava Leaves For Skin Whitening – Lighten Your Dark Spots

Guava leaves are an excellent whitening agent and regular use will help to remove these dark spots and blemishes that are left behind on your skin after acne. The key to getting clear and spot-free skin is to use guava leaves consistently on your face. Within a few weeks you will be able to see a marked difference and your skin will clear out.

Guava Leaves For Lighten Your Dark Spots

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Clear Out Your Wrinkles

Those dreaded crows feet, those smile lines- everything that a woman hates. Wrinkles are really the bane of a woman’s existence and as she progresses in her age, they become an inevitable part of her life. Fortunately, using guava leaf extract for skin can actually help reduce the appearance of these fine lines and wrinkles to a very noticeable extent. The antioxidants present in the leaves help to fight the free radicals that cause wrinkles to appear. The properties of the guava leaf also shrink the pores of the skin, hence giving it an even tone.

Guava Leaves For Clear out your Wrinkles

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Banish Acne, Once And For All

Acne or pimples usually strive on skin that is infected and the pores are clogged. Acne also strikes a lot of teenaged and adolescent girls. Guava leaves contain an excellent antibacterial agent which when applied on the skin helps to reduce the occurrence of pimples. In fact, a study in the American Journal of Research has proved that the regular and consistent usage of guava leaves on the skin can reduce the occurrence of pimples and acne to a huge extent.

Another important property of the guava leaves which help to reduce pimples is the anti-inflammatory quality. The presence of anti-inflammatory agents help to calm down the pimples and reduce the redness. Usage of these leaves over a period of time will also reduce the redness.

Guava Leaves For Banish Acne

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How To Uses Guava Leaves For Skin

Now that you know how useful guava leaves can be, it’s time to incorporate them in your skin care regime. Just take some guava leaves in a pot and add water to it. Let the leaves boil in the water and then after the concoction cools down, strain the leaves and keep the water. This is the concentrated solution you can use on your skin. Dab a cotton ball dipped in this liquor on your skin and wash it off with lukewarm water after 15 minutes. Use this potion daily for clear and blemish-free skin. Remember to use a fresh solution!

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