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Wheatgrass: The All-in-One Natural Beauty Supplement

by Fashionlady
Wheatgrass For Beauty

Wheatgrass For Beauty
As you will get thousands of options in natural supplements for your skin and hair, you may get confused in which one to choose that best suits your requirement. If I give you a name that takes care of your overall health then you won’t believe me, isn’t it? This is the reason I have come up with an elaborate post on wheatgrass – all in one natural beauty supplement that can convince you to add it to your diet every morning.

Do have a read to know about the wheatgrass benefits for skin and hair!

What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass, whose scientific name is Triticum aestivum, may be probably new to most of us. But because of its numerous health benefits, health conscious people swear by it, especially the models. As the name suggests, the wheatgrass belongs to wheat plant. It’s the young grass that is harvested usually in the US and temperate regions of Europe.

How to make Wheatgrass Juice?

To make the wheatgrass juice at home, you will require the following ingredients:

  • Wheatgrass – Sufficient quantity to make half cup
  • Blender
  • 2-3 cups of water
  • 1 Strainer
  • 1 Cheesecloth
  • 1 Tsp. fresh Lemon Juice (optional)

Method to make wheatgrass juice at home:

Take a handful of wheatgrass blades. If you are growing them at home, make sure you cut them using a clean blade / scissors / knife, ½ inch away from the ground level. These leaves are also available in supermarkets, if you are unable to grow and maintain them at home.

Wash them under cold running water to get rid of any insects, pests and dirt. Chop them into rough ½ inch pieces and put them into the blender. Add some water and run the blender on high speed. Keep adding water to make sure you get a smooth juice and all the leaves are nicely pureed.

Once you see a thick enough puree, get ready to strain the juice. Place the cheesecloth over the strainer and hold it firmly. Place a glass below the strainer to collect the juice. Once this is ready, start pouring the puree from the blender into the strainer. Use a plastic spatula to gently press the puree.

What is collected in the glass underneath is now ready to consume. Add the lemon juice for flavor if you wish to make it a little tangy. Avoid storing the juice for longer hours. Wheatgrass juice is best when consumed immediately.

Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice

Before we get into the benefits of wheatgrass in detail, let’s find out the nutrients present in wheatgrass. Here is a table of nutrients present in wheatgrass –

Here are the top health benefits offered by wheatgrass –


  • It purifies blood and removes toxins
  • It fights with ace and other beauty ailments
  • It improves the skin texture
  • It strengthens collagen tissue
  • It provides strong gums
  • It helps in memory improvement
  • Histamine present in wheatgrass treats allergies
  • It promotes arteries and reduces fatty deposits
  • It prevents varicose veins
  • It helps in treatment of Arthritis and Rheumatism
  • It reduces fatigue
  • It promotes fertility
  • It fights anti-ageing
  • It promotes reproductive system
  • It boosts the immune system
  • It reduces development of free radical oxidation
  • It clears the skin by detoxifying the liver and blood
  • It increases energy levels
  • It balances blood sugar levels
  • It treats bad breath
  • It stimulates the thyroid gland
  • It fights indigestion
  • It combats anemia
  • It balances blood PH level
  • It maintains blood pressure level
  • It promotes metabolism
  • It strengthens the heart muscle

Here are some beauty benefits offered by wheatgrass –

  • It functions as a rejuvenating machine, rendering you with an outward glow
  • It is capable of cutting off a few years from your looks, thereby making you look younger and refreshed
  • It recharges dying cells and also slows down graying of hair, thereby giving an youthful effect
  • It prevents dandruff and is an excellent source for scalp treatment
  • It is excellent for treating
  1. Sunburns
  2. Minor cuts
  3. Scrapes
  4. Burns
  5. Rashes
  6. Athlete’s foot
  7. Boils
  8. Insect bites
  9. Acne
  10. Breakouts

Apart from consuming wheatgrass juice, you can also apply a paste of wheatgrass powder with milk on your skin to get best results.

So those were the top beauty and health benefits of wheatgrass. Hope this helps!

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