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White or Brown Rice? Which is Healthier?

by Fashionlady
White or Brown Rice Which is Healthier

White or Brown Rice
Generally most of the people prefer white rice over brown rice because white rice looks so much more mouth-watering and tempting than brown rice. Although when it comes to nutritional values, unprocessed brown rice is far better than the polished white rice, and the good thing is that it gets boiled quickly too! White rice with side hull and bran layer also looks exactly like brown rice before the refining process.

White rice and brown rice

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The bran layer of brown rice is packed with magnesium, calcium, potassium and high fibre content. Brown rice has lower glycemic index than white rice which means it can be very a helpful grain for over-weight and diabetic people.

Here we have enlisted some of the most significant health benefits of brown rice:

1. Selenium rich brown rice can significantly trim down the danger of life threatening diseases like heart ailment, cancer and arthritis.

2. Just one bowl of brown rice can fulfil eighty percent of your daily manganese needs. Manganese is supportive in the production of fats and very useful for the nervous and reproduction systems.

3. Brown rice contains healthy natural oils, which facilitates in balancing the cholesterol levels of our body.

4. Brown rice helps in losing weight as it makes you feel fuller which results in smaller diet. The high amount of fiber present in it supports in regular bowel movement, which in turn improves your digestive system. So cook some delicious and healthy recipes with it, if you get constipated frequently.

oven brown rice

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5. As we all know, brown rice is natural whole grain since it doesn’t go through the usual refinement and polishing. Organic and unrefined brown rice decreases the possibility of getting heart related problem and high-cholesterol troubles.


6. Normally blueberries, strawberries and other fruits and vegetables are considered rich in anti-oxidants but very few people know that the brown rice is also a good source of anti-oxidants.

7. Reports say that the fibre-rich brown rice can play a significant role in avoiding deadly diseases like colon cancer. Basically these fibres stick with cancer causing materials and toxic elements within the stomach, and help in taking them out, making the colon walls of your tummy unaffected from such things.

8. Brown rice releases the sugar little by little, so it normalizes the blood sugar levels in your body; hence, it’s a great food alternative for those who suffer from high blood sugar levels. Just by having half cup of brown rice every day, you can easily reduce your possibility of having diabetes problem by up to 65%, on the contrary, people who choose processed and polished white rice and consume it daily actually increase their risk of getting diabetes by double.

Cooking with MINUTE White Rice

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9. The solid natural elements and fiber make the brown rice cereal ideal for rapidly growing babies and toddlers. On the other hand, refined white rice cereal and baby foods fail to provide that much nourishment and speed to their growth cycles.

10. The fibre-rich brown rice works very effectively for the treatment of candida organisms as foods with high amount of glycemic are not allowed during candida treatments but the fibre-rich brown rice is easily digestible and cures sensitivity of digestive system.

The brown rice is delicious too; it’s just right for several vegetarian and vegan recipe as a substitute to white rice in your food. Brown rice provides full, rich and a bit nutty taste so it gives a great flavour to vegan cakes, loafs and lot of bakery items.

Only the husk is separate while processing the unpolished brown rice but in case of white rice, the bran layer and the germ are also separated, making it extremely starchy and sticky.

A number of vitamins and minerals get eliminated in this processing. The bran layer contains natural bran oil which helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level.

The loss of dietary fibre and fatty acids during the white rice processing is quite significant.

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